Education choice: Keith Rodgerson, Candidate, House 143rd District

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To the Editor:

This coming election, there is a clear choice on education policy. Keith Rodgerson supports increases to public school ECS funding, universal Pre-K, and the expansion of the UConn system. Rep. Gail Lavielle did not support these in the 2014 cycle.

Keith believes in strengthening STEM in the high schools, trade programs and private partnerships. He also supports the elimination of all participation fees for students, saying, “Athletics and clubs are part of an education. All children should be given the opportunity to participate no matter what their financial circumstances.”

Rep. Lavielle was unwilling to give waivers to families on athletic fees as a Board of Finance member.

“Residents need legislators who unequivocally support a child’s right to learn, grow and be a part of the community,” he says.

Rodgerson also supports the need to modernize building regulations and to change funding ratios for school construction and rehabilitation so towns are not unnecessarily burdened.

Keith says, “All of Connecticut’s children deserve modern, functional and safe educational facilities. All parents deserve legislators who are committed to those goals.”

Where does State Rep. Lavielle stand on these issues?

Jon Tan



One response to “Education choice: Keith Rodgerson, Candidate, House 143rd District”

  1. Perhaps the writer is trying to be “cute” by saying that Rep. Lavielle did not support “increases to public school ECS funding” in “THE 2014 CYCLE” (an undefined term that could have many meanings). But I can testify from personal experience, as Chair of the Norwalk Board of Education, that Rep. Lavielle has been by far the most active member of the Norwalk delegation, for several years, in attempting to do precisely that. She has proposed amendments to redress the gross inequities imposed on Norwalk by the Democratic-controlled legislature. As a member of the education committee, for instance, she introduced an amendment to a budget bill in April, 2012 that would have allowed Norwalk and other towns with a significant disparity between property values and median household income to reduce by 10 percent the equalized net grand list figure used in the ECS formula. The Democratic Committee Co-Chair responded “I will be glad to vote in opposition” to Lavielle’s proposal, which failed on a party-line vote. For another Democrat to falsely accuse Rep. Lavielle of not attempting to fix the broken ECS formula – a formula protected as is by the upstate Democrats who control the legislature – is something I couldn’t let go without comment.

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