Elect Bill Dunne to end ‘automatic’ vote for Malloy’s policies

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To the Editor:

Most CT citizens know that our state has fared well behind just about all other states in recovering from the recent Great Recession. In fact, CT employment remains about 50,000 below pre-recession levels and CT’s economic growth ranks just about last in the entire country.

There’s no mystery about the exit of both firms and jobs from CT in recent years. CT Democrats with their super majority in Hartford enthusiastically supported incoming Gov. Malloy’s historic tax hike to preserve the state’s public sector’s employment and salaries. And they continue to do so.

An old saying is surely relevant here – “the folks that get you into trouble are not the ones likely to get you out of trouble.” Returning Democratic CT legislators to Hartford virtually guarantees that CT will continue to under-perform most other states, and when the next recession comes around there will be new punishing tax hikes. Democrats with their super majority in Hartford guarantee these uncomfortable results.

Bill Dunne is running against a long-established Democratic legislator who advertises that “he stands up for you.” But in fact Mr. Dunne’s opponent really stands up for Gov. Malloy, having voted 99 percent of the time for the governor’s policies.

Norwalk really needs a legislator whose vote isn’t automatically owned by the party bosses and can think for himself. Bill Dunne has an enviable career with both major firms, e.g. Business Week and IBM. He’s well informed on public issues, is a superb craftsman of the written word and understands that CT’s destructive high tax environment and protection of public sector employment doesn’t create private sector jobs. Just the opposite. No matter how much the Democrats claim otherwise.

I urge fellow Norwalk citizens to elect Bill Dunne to the Legislature this fall. We need a legislator who can think for himself, not one whose vote is automatically given to fellow Democrats. We need a legislator who really does “stand up” for Norwalk citizens, not the Democratic Party bosses in Hartford.

Peter I. Berman


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