Election regulators take notice of Democratic Party’s fundraising

By Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. — The state Democratic Party’s ability to raise money, especially from state contractors, has not gone unnoticed.

Late Tuesday, the State Elections Enforcement Commission adopted an unsolicited advisory opinion outlining when it’s appropriate for a state campaign or candidate to receive money from a federal account, either directly or indirectly.

Without accusing the Democratic Party of doing anything wrong, the agency that regulates elections sought to clarify questions raised by the news media and state contractors, who are banned from giving money directly to a party’s state account.

“Of most concern is the fact that much of the reported fundraising has involved Connecticut state contractors, who are prohibited from making contributions to party committees registered with the SEEC,” regulators wrote in their opinion.

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3 responses to “Election regulators take notice of Democratic Party’s fundraising”

  1. the donut hole

    be careful reporting on this criminal enterprise. stealing billions from the taxpayers and spending fractions of that getting your people elected who approve the graft is supposed to go unnoticed.
    remember Governor Roland who faced with years and years in prison said if he went down he would take a whole lot of people with him? then magically he only did a year and no one else was ever brought up on charges?
    Rowland is a piker compared to three card Malloy, who is turning us into Rhode Island right before our eyes.

  2. Independent Voter

    Umm… Rowland just seems to not be able to keep his sticky fingers clean, even after his misdeeds while in the Governor’s office. Not sure I recall hearing about any evidence against Malloy with respect to corruption. Kind of like making lots of noise about impeaching Obama until you need proof.


  3. the donut hole

    50% of the taxpayer funded corporate relocations have gone to Stamford, where Malloy’s wife conveniently has a booming real estate business. If you can’t see the obvious quid pro quo, then you are blind.

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