Elena’s Ukrainian Borscht

From left, Margo Marozo, 15; Elena Marozo; and Bob Kunkel Harbor Harvest owner and chef.(Contributed)

There seems to be a new horrific attack in Ukraine every day – this week, it was reported that 40 civilians were killed in an apartment building in Dnipro. Dnipro, a city of more than a million, is in central Ukraine hours north of the battle lines. That may seem far away, but we have a refugee family from Dnipro here in East Norwalk.

Many Norwalkers in every neighborhood have Ukrainian flags of blue and yellow waving. Bob and Marilyn Kunkel, owners of the East Norwalk Harbor Harvest, have found a personal way to “Stand with Ukraine” by encouraging the Ukrainian refugee, Elena Mazoro, to share her culture. Elena with her husband and 15-year-old daughter escaped from the war last March. That was when I met the extraordinary Mazoro family.

Elena Marozo holding her Olympic Silver Medal, left; and Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig, right. (Contributed)

Because of their contacts with longtime rowing friends, the world-class rowing couple (she, a silver medalist in a rowing double at Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and he, the 2012 London Ukrainian men’s Olympics rowing coach) was sponsored to relocate here in East Norwalk.

Elena’s Ukrainian Borscht is now stocked in the freezer section of Harbor Harvest specialty farm to table grocery store. Elena cooked the first batch with her daughter in the Harbor Harvest chef’s kitchen last week.

Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig

Harbor Harvest, located at 7 Cove Ave. (Contributed)

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JoAnn Smith January 24, 2023 at 8:03 am

I’ve had this borscht and it is the best! What a treat to have authentic Ukrainian borscht right here in Norwalk.
Thank you Elena!

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