Evidence shows Rowland pushed campaign to attack Roraback on death penalty

HARTFORD, Conn. – From his host chair at WTIC, John Rowland emailed Lisa Wislon-Foley’s campaign manager asking for the personal phone number of a political opponent — he told the campaign he would give the number out on the air.

That testimony came during Thursday proceedings of the former governor’s campaign corruption trial. Rowland is accused of working for Wilson-Foley’s 2012 congressional campaign while taking payments from her husband Brian Foley’s nursing home company.

Prosecutors contend those payments also bought the campaign an on-air attack dog in Rowland, who was the host of an afternoon political talk show on WTIC. In emails, Rowland coached the campaign on attacking candidate Andrew Roraback, then a state senator, for his opposition to the death penalty. The legislature was considering repealing the law that year.

Late in Rowland’s radio show on Feb. 23, 2012, the host emailed Chris Syrek, Wilson-Foley’s campaign manager. He was talking about the death penalty on the air and wanted Roraback’s personal phone number.

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