Exchange enrollment up with one month to go

By Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. – Enrollment through Connecticut’s health insurance exchange has increased to 126,653, according to officials at Access Health CT.

Of those, 53,673 individuals have chosen plans with one of the three private insurance carriers and 72,980 individuals enrolled in Medicaid between Oct. 1 and Feb. 18. That means about 4,670 individuals enrolled between Feb. 10 and Feb. 18.

Officials at Access Health CT are attributing the bump in enrollment to an advertising campaign they’ve been running during the Olympics. Compared with the week prior to the Olympics, the exchange saw a 31 percent increase in web traffic, a 24 percent increase in account creation, an 8 percent increase in call volume, and a 67 percent increase in daily enrollment.

Enrollment in the exchange is open until March 31.

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15 responses to “Exchange enrollment up with one month to go”

  1. anon

    The plans are middle class killers. Don’t do well in America any more, it’s too expensive. Family with dad and mom both working usually don’t qualify for subsidies on Access Health. Choices are expensive and lackluster plans, many good doctors want no part of them. New doctors, start all over. None of our legislators, State and Federal, joined Access Health or foregone their subsidies. Obamacare, the reality show, clearly not good enough for the ruling class it seems.

  2. Taxpayer Fatigue

    I don’t know how they are middle class killers as you put it. The majority of people who are signing up didn’t have any health care insurance at all. So now they have access to insurance – what’s the fuss about? Both Anthem and Oxford are participating and pretty much every doctor in CT accepts Anthem and Oxford. Access Health is for people whose employers don’t provide insurance at all or for small business owners who don’t have more than two employees. You can’t get a group plan without at least three employees.

    The problem isn’t Obamacare. The problem is the out of control insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and labs who overcharge. The reason Republicans hate Obamacare is because it helps people who are less fortunate than they are and helping people is not a Republican value. The Republicans have done more in this control to kill the middle class than anything or anyone else. I’d suggest you stop reading emails from the Tea Party and find out the real facts. Why don’t you call up your local hospital and ask them how much they charge for an IV bag that costs .92 cents to manufacture? (answer: $750, just for the bag, not including administering it.) That seems fair, doesn’t it? At least if you are the head of the hospital who makes over $750,000 per year. Now, if we can just get rid of those nurses unions and pay doctors less we can make even more money!

  3. No. The reason swhy most intelligent people in ameriva oppose it is brcause it is shoved downour throats by an egotstival snd socialist president who onlyy cared about hisa agenda. No not evrry doctor is on it only those of thr likes for the welfare ins. No reputable doctor is signexuo. Oh yeah one last gesure. From the oglubama is thst it. Is punishby law. THSTS the big desl

  4. the donut hole

    Taxpayer fatigue. That’s a rich screen name considering you seem all for taxing everyone to death just to give a few slackers insurance.
    The reason everything is so expensive here IS BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN MEDDLING IN IT FOR DECADES. It is also because the Democrat National Party is bought and paid for by the trial lawyers lobby. John Edwards made his millions suing clinics for the poor out of business. Remember, the guy you almost made your VP? That is who is really in control of the Democrats and unfortunately for us over 1/2 the country thinks these dirtbags actually care about them.

  5. anon

    Taxpayer fatigue speaks as someone who doesn’t have to use Access Health. Small business = American dream. Obamacare is not good enough for the ruling class or the union class, what does that tell you?

  6. Be careful about referencing the ruling class – they are beginning to be the illegals demanding class by obamas, malloys and the whole dem party definition.

  7. Taxpayer Fatigue

    As the owner of a small business, I did sign up for insurance through AccessCT. I’m saving money and I have better coverage than I had before through the insurance I purchased on my own. Under my old policy, I had a $5k deductible, now my deductible is $2k, and I’m spending $75 less per month. And, all of my doctors accept the plan (I checked first). I wonder where “anon, sarah and donut hole” get their insurance? Probably through their employer so this doesn’t affect them at all – this is just an opportunity for some “Obama” bashing for them!

  8. Hey Taxpayer Fatigue,
    I HAD to sign up for this socialist program through aflubama’s plan and am subject to an increase of 870 per month for insurance that has a 10k deductable and my doctors are not on it.
    No bashing – just truthful telling – maybe you have “other” things going for you that got you such a “good deal”.
    My doctors wouldn’t touch this plan with a 10 foot pole –
    Yup – that is to pay for all the ones that are subsidized TPF

  9. Taxpayer Fatigue

    Irishgirl. Specifically which plan are you on under AccessCT? There are no plans in Connecticut’s offering with a $10,000 deductible. The highest deductible is on one bronze plan at $6300, but the payments for that are less than $300 per month at the highest, which is for the oldest age group eligible for the plan (64 years old).

    I don’t receive a subsidy – it is a better deal than what I was able to get before Obamacare through Aetna as an individual. I’m now on an Anthem plan, which all four of my doctors take.

    Aren’t you going to blame Rilling for Obamacare as well?

  10. Taxpayer Fatigue

    And by the way, who is forcing you to buy insurance through AccessCT? You can purchase coverage through Aetna directly or whichever is the one insurance company that your “doctor” takes.

  11. the donut hole

    @Taxpayer Fatigue. Here is how we are all affected. Medical school applications at a 40 year low. Doctors retiring early. Doctors leaving oppressive states like Connecticut. Scarcity of medications and medical supplies due to onerous taxes on such. Fewer hospitals. Less research and development, which is heavily taxed under ACA. You want me to go on?
    I do have employer pooled coverage that cost me $18k / year. $200 deductible. I priced it on Access CT and it was $30k with $2000 deductible. BTW…in case you did not hear, your premiums will be going up at least 100% next year because of lack of enrollment. But again, insurance doesn’t even matter if you can’t find a doctor or medicine.
    You were warned, now prepare to suffer the consequences. I’ll probably pay extra and out of pocket to make sure I see a good doctor. You’ll probably be waiting in line at a DMV type setup. Have fun with that.

  12. TPF – Are you insinuating that I am making these numbers up? Did you sit there and put in the umpteen thousand different number relationships to see if anyone may in fact have a very high deductable?
    Otherwise – your posting is a leap and a prayer.
    Yes, a 10k deductable – like I said, you may have “other” things going for you…
    All in all, insurance HAD to purchased whether I could afford it or not – like I said, this is shoved down our throats by an egotistical self serving “president” (blech – I can’t even write that without feeling sick).
    As for blaming Rilling? Why should I? I’ve never blamed him for anything before or are you just making a conjecture because Rilling is a democrat and all democrats blindly follow what their messiah rants?
    Besides, Rilling has to DO SOMETHING in order to get “blamed” for something…

  13. Taxpayer Fatigue

    The state put out guidelines regarding maximum deductibles and other requirements for insurance companies to participate in the AccessCT programs as well as maximum premiums. It isn’t about playing with the website – go look them up on the state website.
    No one is forcing you to buy insurance – there is no enforcement of the “everyone must buy” provision and even when and if they do, the fines are minimal.
    I would encourage you to get quotes from Aetna and other insurance carriers that your doctors supposedly take if your deal is so bad on AccessCT. But, at least you have insurance now since apparently you didn’t before. No one is being forced to participate.

  14. Taxpayer Fatigue

    Donut Hole: AccessCT is not supposed to replace employer pooled coverage – your employer coverage is always going to be a better deal and is also subsidized by your employer – $200 deductible is great. AccessCT is designed for individuals who cannot get coverage from their employer, or who are self employed and cannot participate in a group policy like yours. Lower income people receive subsidies like you receive from your employer pooled policy that lowers the price. As far the “chicken-little, sky-is-falling” warnings regarding all doctors leaving Connecticut and no one going to medical school warnings, I’ve seen no data on that – sounds a lot like “climate change”. Doctors are being squeezed by Insurance Companies and Hospitals who are making all the money, along with pharmaceuticals and medical supply distributors – it is a shame but it isn’t because of Obamacare.

  15. TPF – yes, obama IS forcing everyone (except illegals) to buy insurance – THAT IS THE LAW NOW (get it?).
    Penalties are minimum THE FIRST YEAR – then IT GOES UP exponentially year after year (to pay for the illegals who don’t have insurance).
    Don’t tell me what I am paying – it is really annoying. Because all your little posts about what they feed you through this social care is nothing close to the reality.

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