Federal judge refuses to dismiss Rowland corruption case

Former Gov. John Rowland (CTNJ file)
Former Gov. John Rowland (CTNJ file)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – A federal judge declined Tuesday to throw out any of the seven counts against former Gov. John Rowland, denying a motion by his legal team to dismiss the campaign corruption allegations detailed in an April grand jury indictment.

Rowland, who previously served 10 months in federal prison on a conspiracy charge after resigning the governor’s office in 2004, is facing charges relating to consulting work he performed for 2012 5th Congressional District candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley.

That work and Rowland’s $35,000 compensation weren’t reported to election regulators. The charges also stem from unsuccessful attempts by the former governor to engage another candidate, Mark Greenberg, in similar scheme in 2009.

Rowland has pleaded not guilty to the charges and his attorneys filed a motion asking the judge to dismiss the case.

The former governor’s legal team, headed by high-profile attorney Reid Weingarten, attempted to pick apart each charge. They claimed that some of the former governor’s actions were not illegal and disputed prosecutors’ allegations that documents drawn up by Rowland could be considered “false contracts.”

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