Federal sequestration threatens Norwalk Head Start program, employees

NEON Jan. 24, 2013 031
Families look on in concern at a January NEON (Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now) rally inspired by the city’s decision not to fund the agency’s Head Start program in the 2013-2014 operating budget.

By NEON (Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now)

NORWALK, Conn. – The Connecticut Head Start Association has distributed an open letter assessing the soon to be felt effects of federal sequestration budget cuts that began on March 1. (The letter is attached below.)

Federal sequestration, which mandates across the board cuts in many federal programs, includes budget reductions for Head Start nationally totaling $406 million that will result in 70,000 children being denied enrollment.

In his open letter Connecticut Head Start Association Chairman/President David Morgan wrote, “Under sequestration Connecticut is already witnessing plans for classroom closures and enrollment reductions, elimination of job positions, reduction/elimination of home-visitation services, reduction to behavioral health contracts, furloughs and reductions to staff hours, reductions to staff benefits, reductions to transportation, earlier program –year closures and delayed –opening services for September 2013.”

Mr. Morgan concludes by warning, “Under sequestration, Connecticut Head Start program are forced to decrease enrollment, which will increase the number of young children who will be entering our public schools without the foundation skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.”

NEON, serving low income families in lower Fairfield County, operates Norwalk Head Start as well as numerous services and programs in the areas of early childhood development; adult and youth employment and training; energy assistance; neighborhood community centers; wealth & asset development; after school activities; community corrections and substance abuse residential facilities and family services.

Scott Harris, NEON Inc. Communications Director

Impact of Sequestration on Head Start & Early Head Start


6 responses to “Federal sequestration threatens Norwalk Head Start program, employees”

  1. M. Murray

    It is unfortunate that Obama is using the removal if resources education children as a political ploy to get what he wants. There are so many other ways he could cut without directly impacting the public, and wen more which could result in a permanent reduction of the budget without harming people.

  2. oldtimer

    Sequestration is not the president’s idea. It is a poorly concieved budget cutting program mandated by law passed by a Republican congress determined, at that time, to prevent a 2nd term by this president. They probably expected the law would be modified before it took effect. They also expected a different president would be more amenable to negotiation and they would escape blame for sequestration.

  3. Tim T

    Such a Shame the Republicans caused this as they do most if not all problems. They are obstructionists.

  4. Bryan

    Such a shame Obama can’t take responsibility for anything. Even laws that he signs and I’ll remind “oldtimer” a plan that was hatched in the White House. Don’t take my word for it, Bob Woodward the famous journalist who brought down Nixon has reported it and the White House has admitted it.

    Hopefully someday we’ll have leadership again in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, instead of the perpetual blame game.

  5. M. Murray

    Obama did sign it into law, probably also thinking he wouldn’t be te-elected and wouldn’t have to deal with it. Now come up with a balanced budget and pass it.

  6. Tim T

    It just amazes me how the Republicans continue to blame Obama for everything and anything. They just don’t get it that no one is believing the lies of the Republican party any longer as was proven by a little day in November called Election day. If the Republicans don’t want to go the way of Caldor and Bradlees they need to stop with the propaganda and destruction that they are so famous for. On a side note I actually do blame Obama for 1 thing and that would be not bringing Bush to trial as a war criminal.

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