Federici promises to bring cooperative attitude, work ethic to registrar’s office

John Federici is running for Republican Registrar of Voters.
John Federici is running for Republican Registrar of Voters.

NORWALK, Conn. – John Federici comes across as a mild-mannered kind of guy according to people who have met the Norwalk native and career printer.

So how did he wind up in the middle of a nasty internal Republican battle over the Registrar of Voters Office?

On the May night that he was nominated for Republican registrar at a Republican Town Committee meeting, Federici said that “many people in this room” had been asking him to run, going back six years, just over halfway through incumbent Karen Doyle Lyons’ 13 years in office.

“I wasn’t ready,” Federici said then. “I just didn’t have the interest. Some of it had to do with putting (then-Mayor Richard Moccia) on the spot, putting a race together through his administration. … Why ruffle it? And I wasn’t ready for it.”

Now that Moccia isn’t mayor, he decided to go for it, he said.

“I thought about it,” he said. “I need something different. I’ve been in this mix, know the politics pretty good, know the people, a lot of friends in this room, let me give it a shot now. Let me try it, see what happens. If they say go ahead, I’ll put 100 percent of my ability into it.”

Federici and Lyons will go head to head in the Aug. 12 Republican primary election.

Federici was born 62 years ago in Norwalk Hospital and graduated from Norwalk High in 1970. That was followed by four years at the International Typographical Union Typographer School, from which he graduated in 1974. For the past 29 years, he said, he has been vice president/operations of Commercial Printing Company.

Federici is no newcomer to Norwalk politics. He dipped his toe in the water as a campaign treasurer for Common Council candidate Kevin Fitzgerald in 1995. Fitzgerald won, and Federici soon found himself on the Republican Town Committee, later serving as vice chairman for four years. He served five years on the Historical Commission, served on Charter Revision, six years on Norwalk Parking Authority – four of them as chairman – and two years on the Board of Estimate and Taxation.

For thee past 17 year he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Keystone House, where he has served as vice chairman and chairman.

He has volunteered for The Alliance in Limiting Strays and Norwalk Reads, and is a past member of the Sons of Italy, South Norwalk Boat Club, Norwalk Quartette Club, and Coachmen’s Rod and Custom Car Club

Asked about his goals should he be elected, Federici said:

  • Work with my Democrat counterpart and the staff to bring all the voter registration information up to date.
  • Bring a cooperative attitude and work ethic to the position of Republican ROV.
  • Understand and work with the attitude that my job is important to the city, to the voters and to the elected officials of all parties who rely on accurate and updated voter registration information.

When he was nominated, Federici said told RTC members that he was “truly honored and humbled.”

“I appreciate the confidence you have in me to do the job as many of you know, when I commit to something I will follow through to the best of my abilities,” he said. “I have worked on many campaigns and quite frankly never had any vision of running for office but as they say, never say never, and felt this was the right time.”


7 responses to “Federici promises to bring cooperative attitude, work ethic to registrar’s office”

  1. Stuart Wells

    That’s “Democratic counterpart” – The name of my party is still the “Democratic Party” even though Fox news has been trying to change it for years. The voter registration information is up to date now, except for the voter’s phone numbers, which we are not legally allowed to update beyond what the voter gives us.
    Stuart Wells, Democratic Registrar of Voters

  2. Oldtimer

    Mr Federici sounds like a nice man, with good intentions, but, he is being used by leadership in his party who don’t seem to understand the legal limits on what registrars can, and cannot, do for the party. Karen has become an expert on the registrar’s job and has been an instructor for new registrars, as needed. If Mr Federici is planning to do special favors for any political party, he is making a huge mistake and should not be running, much less elected.

  3. Tim D

    @Stewart Wells – Petty. Easy to see where this relationship goes if Mr. Federici wins.

  4. Robert J. Sodaro

    @Tim D.; Precisely why is it “petty” to require people (especially those who would attempt to be our elected officials) to get information correct, accurate, or even factual?
    Would it be “petty” for you to tell the store clerk that rang up your purchase for $100.00 that the item was only $10.00? Would it be “petty” for you to tell the waitress who brought you a BLT that you ordered an omelet? Would it be “petty” for you to point out to your bank that even though it credited your recent deposit as only $100.00 was actually for $1,000.00?
    When did we become a culture where it was somehow wrong to correct people who make mistakes? We’re all human and we all occasionally make mistakes, so why can’t people — instead of getting their panties in a bunch when they are called on their errors — just cowboy up, say “You’re right, I made a mistake.” and then move on?
    The point of all of this is that if someone running for office can’t get the simple/easy things right (like the actual name of the other major party in the country), then how can the electorate reasonably expect that individual to get the difficult, and/or complex things right.
    Oh, and by the way, The name of the Democratic Registrar of Voters in Norwalk is Stuart (not “Stewart”) Wells.
    Robert J. Sodaro, Democratic Deputy Registrar of Voters, Norwalk

  5. Norewalk Lifer

    There is one thing not broken at city hall, and that would be Mrs. Lyons, don’t fix what ain’t broken

    Norwalk Lifer

  6. RU4REAL

    Unless you have never been to their office, they already have great work ethic and cooperative attitudes.
    So what exactly will Mr. Federici be bringing to the office besides himself?
    The RTC!!!

  7. Don’t Panic

    It seems Mr. Sodaro called this one. Mr. Federici failed to get the details relating to polling location correct in his most recent campaign mail piece.
    In re-reading this profile, it struck me that a former printer should have been supervising the mail house doing his mailings more closely. He had the experience to have known better.

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