Find your neighborhood polling place in this list

NORWALK, Conn. – Polling places can be confusing in Norwalk, given that they alternate year to year between the municipal districts and the state legislative districts.

Not sure about where to vote? If you don’t know what district you’re in you can find your polling place here.

If you know which district you’re in you can check this list:

District A1

Tracey Elementary School

20 Camp St.

District A2

St. Mary’s Hall

669 West Ave.

District A3

Kendall Elementary School

57 Fillow St.

District A4

Nathan Hale Middle School, back of gym

176 Strawberry Hill Ave.

District B1

Columbus Magnet School

46 Concord St.

District B2

Nathaniel Ely School

11 Ingalls Ave.

District C1

Marvin Elementary School

15 Calf Pasture Beach Road

District C2

Nathan Hale Middle School, front of gym

176 Strawberry Hill Ave.

District D1

Ponus Ridge Middle School

21 Hunters Lane

District D2

West Rocks Middle School

81 West Rocks Road

District E1

Brookside Elementary School

382 Highland Ave.

District E2

Rowayton Elementary School

1 Roton Ave.

District E3

Fox Run Elementary School

228 Fillow St.

According to Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells, the electorate is registered thusly:

  • Republicans: active, 8,676
  • Democrats:  active, 16,133
  • Minor parties: active 920
  • Unaffiliated: active 18,564
  • Totals: active 44,293
  • Plus 4,476 on the Inactive list, most of whom most likely no longer live in Norwalk.


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  1. Daisy

    would be so much easier if you could vote wherever – I live in Dona Ana County, NM now, and can vote anywhere in the county, not just the town where I live.

  2. Diane C2

    Daisy, are the processes all computerized, in real-time? If not, how does the county prevent a voter from voting at multiple sites?

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