Flashing/Warning light needed at the curve where West Avenue meets North Main Street

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To the editor:

When you have a moment, drive south on West Avenue toward Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and feel your car as you round the killer curve where West Avenue meets North Main Street. The curve is pretty steep and I fear, due to increasing foot traffic on the side-walks, that someone driving like a mini Mario Andretti with the Speed Racer theme song is going to hop that curve one day.

Residents report hearing accidents and near accidents due to that curve. Moreover, while Norwalk is in the process of updating itsnoise ordinance, what area residents hear on weekends goes a littlesomething like this: LOUD music from the bars, combined with the screeching sounds of someone(s) pressing their brakes trying to slow down from high speed while rounding that curve. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it: CRASH or BOOM—sometimes — “shakala” for added effect if one of the bars is blaring Sly & the Family Stone’s “I Want to Take You Higher.”

I hope the Common Council will seriously consider putting a flashing/warning light just before that curve for safety reasons.

Sherelle Harris




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  1. Norwalk parent

    The curve is not sharp. It is fine

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