Foley leads Malloy in poll from New York Times and CBS

The primary is on Aug. 12.
The primary is on Aug. 12.

HARTFORD, Conn. – An Internet-based poll by the New York Times, CBS News and a research firm called YouGov suggests that Republican Tom Foley has a 42 to 33 percent advantage over incumbent Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The Connecticut results are a small part of a nationwide online polling project, the first wave of which was published Sunday in the New York Times.

The results were based on Internet respondents rather than more traditional phone-based polling used by institutions like Quinnipiac University.

Foley, the Republican convention endorsed candidate, is competing in an Aug. 12 primary election with Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.

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5 responses to “Foley leads Malloy in poll from New York Times and CBS”

  1. piberman

    Would be interesting to see poll results among NON readers where the Governor and Democrats generally have a strong following.

  2. One and Done

    I’d bet this number tightens when you start adding in people who don’t use the internet and only get their news from “The View”.
    Still Malloy only won by 5,000 votes last time around and after a last minute rally from Obama himself who was still popular then. We’ve had 4 years to digest the policies since then so this will really be a vote about Malloy’s job performance.
    Fortunately for Malloy, his wife’s real estate business is booming thanks to all the business relocations to Stamford we got to pay for under his leadership. So he shouldn’t starve.

  3. Ryan

    Bye bye Dan!

  4. Casey Smith

    I happened to be by Town Clerk’s the other day and the absentee ballots were flying out the door.
    Just remember what happened at the last election when Bridgeport had that huge SNAFU with the ballots. Personally, I think that’s how Malloy ended up in Hartford.
    I would not be upset at all to say “Hasta la vista, Dannel” on November 5th.

  5. rburnett

    Oh Lord help us if Foley gets elected. Say good-bye to all the hard work of the Malloy Administration who came into office with a huge mess and deficit to clean up thanks to the republican administrations of Rell/Rowland.

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