Foley victory sets up rematch in gov’s race

Tom Foley accepts the nomination (Christine Stuart photo)
Tom Foley accepts the nomination (Christine Stuart photo)
The general election will be Nov. 4
The general election will be Nov. 4

HARTFORD, Conn. – Republican primary voters handed Greenwich Republican Tom Foley his second consecutive gubernatorial nomination Tuesday, setting up a rematch between Foley and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

A last-minute surge and strong support in Fairfield County were not enough to save Foley’s primary opponent, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield. McKinney lacked the Foley’s name recognition and the longtime state senator representing Newtown may have suffered opposition among GOP voters for his support of gun control legislation passed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

During a televised debate Sunday, the two promised to endorse each other no matter what happened Tuesday. When McKinney called Foley he pledged his support Foley during a phone call around 9:30 p.m.

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7 responses to “Foley victory sets up rematch in gov’s race”

  1. John Hamlin

    Good news for Malloy, who now has a much easier path to reelection. He should have little trouble beating Foley — again. It seems like the Republicans are committed to being irrelevant in statewide political races. Even the best political party needs a healthy opposition to keep from becoming corrupt.

  2. peter parker

    What a waste. It’s dejavu!

  3. Bill

    Malloy has been a horrible governor. State economy is in the toilet, he prefers to give out corporate welfare to keep businesses in state, rather than look at the real reasons they are leaving…high taxes to pay for bloated public union salaries.

  4. One and Done.

    Malloy won last time by less than a half of a percent and that was after keeping Bridgeport open a few hours later and after a last minute pep rally from Obama when he was popular.
    4 years later and the disaster that Malloy has been will suppress voter turnout for the Dems.
    Prediction: Foley wins handily 55 to 45 and the GOP makes a few gains in the house and senate, but Dems still control. This is classically how CT has voted and the election will be more about firing an incompetent governor.

  5. John Hamlin

    I think when CT voted to relect Obama and elect the nondescript Chris Murphy, the voters showed that the state is now solidly Democratic in state-wide races.

  6. One and Done.

    @John Hamlin. Linda McMahon won’t be able to suppress the Republican vote this time. Her constant spam kept a lot of Rs home.

  7. Pibermanfmc

    No matter who wins the Democratic super majority is a sure bet and Hartford will remain unchanged. One has to admire Gov Malloy. Major policy bets gone awry seem not to faze his optimism. Reportedly President Obama might bring him to DC to shore up US finances.

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