Former appointed BOE member seeking a full term

Shirley Mosby is running as a Democrat for the Board of Education.
Shirley Mosby is running as a Democrat for the Board of Education.

NORWALK, Conn. – Shirley Mosby is no stranger to Norwalkers. A community activist who has been active with parent groups and other organizations including the NAACP, Mosby previously served on the Board of Education as an appointed member. She is running on the Democratic ticket for a full term on the BOE.

NancyOnNorwalk posed a set of questions to each BOE candidate. Here are Mosby’s responses:

NoN: Why are you running for the Board of Ed? What are your qualifications?

SM: As a former board member, I have a vested interest in our schools. I have not lost my interest or passion in serving the Norwalk community and its children. It was my intention then, as it is now, to be sure all students will benefit from a good quality education. I have always been an advocate in promoting high-quality education for children and strongly believe that all children have the ability to learn.

I am a lifelong Norwalk resident and a proven community leader. I have actively advocated for parents and encouraged parents to take an active lead in their children’s education. My vision for Norwalk is to provide quality education for all children, regardless of socio-economic status or disability. I believe in open communication and accountability.

My collaborative, bipartisan and open inclusive style has allowed me to resolve difficult situations. My passion for children, parental involvement, and community engagement gives me a unique insight into a diverse community.


• Appointed to Norwalk Board of Education, 2007 (served 2007-09), chair of Curriculum Committee, served on the Negotiating Committee, and Parent Advisory Committee

• Elected co-president of Norwalk’s Alumni Parent Leadership Training Institute–PLTI

• Elected chairperson of the Norwalk High School Parent Outreach Organization

• Appointed, Norwalk NAACP, education chair

• Junior Achievement classroom speaker

• Adviser/educator to parents to take an active lead in their children’s education to become a positive voice in the Norwalk community

• Bachelor’s degree in business management

NoN: What are your plans if you get elected? What do you think needs to be addressed? Priorities?

Improving Student Achievement

Improving student achievement is one of the most important challenges. I will work with the Board of Education members and the superintendent to implement the most appropriate polices to improve student achievement. We must focus on narrowing the achievement gap and ensure that all students are engaged in appropriate instruction that will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful. I will work with the BOE to determine strategies to involve parents to become our partners in closing the achievement gap.

Parental and Community Involvement

Parental and community involvement are key and very important to improve student achievement. I was involved in PTO and parent groups from the moment my son entered Cranbury School until the day that he graduated from Norwalk High School. I enrolled in the PLTI (Parent Leadership Training Institute) classes and assisted parents to take an active part in their child’s education.

Communication and Safety

We must establish communication with the stakeholders (parents, students, administrators, community, etc.). I will work with the Board of Education to establish policies to enhance communication with our community, parents, and staff. I will be available to all, and I will listen.

After the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., I will be diligent about the safety of our students and staff, not just from possible outside intruders but safety in the classroom. I have been and will be responsive to the needs and expectations of all members of our school community.

NoN: A lot of people think the professional staff salaries are too high. Do you concur? If so, what can be done about that?

SM: Our children deserve a good quality education and attracting and retaining qualified school staff requires salaries that are competitive.

NoN: Jack Chiaramonte said recently that he would be in favor of armed guards in the schools. What is your opinion on this topic?

SM: After the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, with the massacre of children, and the thousands of shootings and deaths that have occurred over the years (Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Ariz. and Aurora, Colo.), I will place a strong emphasis upon creating a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. I will work with Norwalk stakeholders to foster trusting relations and gain support in our efforts to protect the safety and welfare of our residents.

I will focus upon making sure that safety is a top priority for Norwalk. It starts with maintaining order in our community with a clear understanding of respect for human dignity and fairness for all individuals. I will be responsive and sensitive to the needs and expectations of all members of our community.

NoN: Do you support the transition to Common Core State Standards?

SM: I support any program(s) that will ensure that all children are learning. I would like to be instrumental in the transition phases of implementing the Common Core Standards within our district.

NoN: Are you in favor of education reform? What are your reasons for your opinion?

SM: Education reform definition is the name given to a demand with the goal of improving education. I do support and believe in change academically such as implementation of research-based educational programs. My focus and goals have always been that students will receive an excellent education to be successful in the world.

NoN: Is anyone in your family a teacher? Work for the schools?

SM: My brother, Alvin Mosby, works for Norwalk Public Schools for over 25 years. He worked at Rowayton, Cranbury, West Rocks, and is currently at Briggs. He is well known by parents, students, and staff.


3 responses to “Former appointed BOE member seeking a full term”

  1. Piberman

    Does Ms Mosby agree with the Arbitration Report that Norwalk school teachers are the highest paid of any city in CT and well beyond the affordability of Norwalk citizens ? Does she think they should be paid even higher salaries ? What were her contributions to the BOE ? Whom does she seek to replace ? Does she support the hiring of Dr a Riviera ? Two Democrat BOE members did not.

  2. Karen

    Would be nice if NON did follow ups. The questions are a bit too general and frankly, dont really hit the mark for voters to get a better understanding of candidates positions as well the candiddates awarenes of the issues and what a BOE seat really entails. There has been pushes to mandate newly elected BOE members to attend some form of state orientation classes. Reading some of the candidates responses, it is apparent the need for such orientations is real. Joining the circus you have to at least understand not what just what is seen under the big top but also behind the scenes and the commitment and demanding skills required. How about some follow up on the candidates responses? Having read all, so far posted, the responses really dont make it clear their individual positions. In fact many responses dont even come near answering the softball questions.

    That said, Ms Mosby has been down in the trenches in some very difficult times and has continues to be involved since she left the board. Ms. Mosby was one of the driving forces for transparency and better much better communications between all parties; parents, teachers, adminstrators and BOE members, when she was on the board. Ms.Mosby asks questions and does not own a rubber stamp. Ms Mosby has proven herself worthy of the communties trust. Hope Ms.Mosby and all candidates get another opportunity to follow up on their reponses. Choosing a BOE council member is a an important and vital role of parents, teachers and residents civic responsilblty. Having an excellent, respected school does what to property values? Thank you Ms. Mosby for standing up to serve. And thank you for your continued efforts working to make our district shine bright, as the diamond it is.

  3. marjoriem

    My vote is for Ms. Mosby. She has served well and is not afraid to represent the students of Norwalk even when the politics make it tough for her. She has the trust of the community and my trust as a part of the community.

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