Former District B candidate thanks citizens, pledges to remain part of the picture

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Manny Langella was a candidate for District B Common Council in the Democratic primary election.

To all,

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to formally send out an open editorial to the constituents of District B and Norwalk.

What an amazing journey I have had! There is much I learned along the way and I truly was honored and humbled in my run for Common Council. I enjoyed every minute of it and will not forget the words, hands shook, and faces that I had the chance to meet. I am committed to helping our town achieve everything that we set forth in any capacity that I can.

Manny Langella
Manny Langella

I cannot thank everyone enough for their overwhelming support along the way. As such, because of this overwhelming support, I also wanted to let the residents of District B and Norwalk know that Friends of Manny Langella had a surplus after all expenses were paid. We donated this surplus in full to Keep Norwalk Beautiful specifically with the request that they be utilized for the Thanksgiving dinner and upcoming Santa program.

Once again, I wish to personally thank everyone for the opportunity to run for Common Council, those who supported my cause, and I can only hope to one day serve the great District B community and Norwalk.

Please feel free to reach out if there is anything I can ever do to assist. I hope to see you all around! Wishing everyone a safe and blessed Holiday.

Kind Regards,

Manny Langella, on behalf of Friends of Manny Langella


5 responses to “Former District B candidate thanks citizens, pledges to remain part of the picture”

  1. Casey Smith

    Two quick questions:

    First, do you have an arrest record?

    Secondly, do you play well with others?

    If the first answer is “No.” and the second answer is “Yes.”, please, please, please run again for District B. Please, please, please!!!!

  2. Mrs. Ruby McPherson

    This comment was disallowed for violating comment policies against attacking other commenters, name-calling and ascribing motives.

  3. EveT

    I agree with @Casey.

  4. Casey Smith

    Thank you, Eve.

  5. Thank you, @Casey Smith and @EveT. I plan to stay involved in Norwalk and run again if given the opportunity to do so!

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