Four chosen as Norwalk Republican BOE candidates

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalkers Sue Haynie, Artie Kassimis, Lauren Rosato and John Bazzano will be on the ballot this fall as Republican Board of Education candidates, sources say.

Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba said earlier this month that there were five potential candidates, who would be voted on at the July 22 RTC convention. But two reliable sources, who are close to the situation, say it’s Haynie, Kassimis, Rosato and Bazzano.

Scialabba declined to confirm that.

“While it is not all final – I can say that it appears that we will avoid a primary fight – the RTC is looking to support two incumbents and two newcomers,” he said in an email.

Haynie and Kassimis are, of course, incumbent board members. Bazzano is a banker who has been in finance for 25 years. Rosato was president of the Norwalk Education Foundation (NEF) from 2006-2012 and held an executive board position on PTO Council for the last year.


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  1. Joe Espo

    We need a BOE that’s going to temper the new Super’s enthusiasm to endorse a 40% increase in teacher’s pay like he did as Assistant Super in Rochester.
    Manny Rivera, as assistant super of Rochester, endorsed a 40 PERCENT pay increase over three years!!!!!! Are you kidding me? This is a disaster!!!

    We need a Board that terminates outrageous teacher contract give-aways like the provision that has you and me paying-off former wives with health insurance. How did we ever negotiate a contract that puts teacher’s relatives on the payroll?

  2. Piberman

    Individually and together as a group these are well qualified candidates. If elected they would further strengthen a greatly revitalized BOE. Together with the superb new Supt. our public schools stand the best chance ever of regaining their former laurels. Our revitalized BOE now attracts well qualified candidates. A fine omen for our most important elected body.

  3. thetruth

    It’s amazing that all eight BOE candidates embrace the Common Core, which was written by a trade group that had no teacher or childhood development expert present. In addition, the Core (CCSS) was pushed through to States in 2009 as a stipulation to receive federal funding. So, in other words, these candidates promote Standards that are not researched based, invalid, developmentally inappropriate (especially primary age students), and were approved in an undemocratic fashion- it only required the approval of the Governor and State Ed Commissioner. You have to wonder the motives behind the corporate “reformers” that pushed CCSS through without any public hearing. Sounds like all BOE candidates need an education. I urge fellow Norwalkers to register your disgust regarding the failure of these candidates to do their due diligence and write in Stop CCSS on Nov. 4!

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