Fred Wilms, a first-class act… return him to Hartford on Nov. 3rd!

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I have been a resident of Fairfield County for over 40 years and have recently moved to Norwalk and thrilled to be a resident and taxpayer to this vibrant community.

During my nearly two decades of elected positions (RTM and Board of Finance) and volunteer service (Darien Land Trust and many others) in the Town of Darien, I have had the pleasure of working with Fred on a number both State and local issues. He is a thoughtful legislator, who, unlike the incumbent, brings a business-like approach to the many challenges facing the State and the Town of Norwalk.

On November 3rd, or by absentee ballot, let us make sure that we vote in a Norwalk “patriot and resident” back to the 142nd House of Representatives… he will be an ardent supporter of residents and taxpayers of Norwalk… I promise!

Bruce G. Orr


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