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This is an open letter to Colin Hosten, Working Families Party candidate for State Representative in District 140.

Dear Colin Hosten,

I waited for your concession call on August 14, so I could congratulate you the DTC, DNA and the Working Families Party on running a strong campaign.  It forced me to work hard to form my own grassroots team to help me and it was a humbling experience getting to know so many people and their thoughts and needs.  Though we were, and, according to the news, are still opponents, we are still teammates. An oxymoron, I know.

Nevertheless, it was a little unsettling not to have received the call from you or your camp.  Still, I want to commend you on receiving such a high vote count your first time out of the gate.  That was very impressive.  I salute you, the DTC and your entire campaign team.

Travis Simms

Endorsed Democratic Candidate for State Representative

140th District – Norwalk, CT


Anna Duleep August 17, 2018 at 10:46 am

Thanks for commending my efforts as Colin’s Campaign Manager, Travis! I’m not sure why you commended the DTC as well; perhaps you have forgotten I am not a voting member of the Norwalk DTC?

I did post a personal FB message congratulating you and Vinny on your victory in the primary. I hope you didn’t miss it. I do not have your phone number.

I do take exception to the idea of concession at such an early stage in this race. The full electorate has not yet had the opportunity to vote. When the full electorate has spoken and the State Rep seat is officially yours, I am sure Colin will be among the first to congratulate you! After all, we are Democrats and united by core Democratic values.

So, it is rather premature to expect a concession. Especially when you yourself point out that Colin’s supporters will have the chance to vote for him again in November.

Warm congratulations to your team and onward to a cordial debate on the issues!

Greg Christopher August 17, 2018 at 10:51 am

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Rob August 17, 2018 at 10:51 am


This “sincere” message you’ve sent to Colin in the public paper should make any person who wasn’t born yesterday angry. It would make me angry if it wasn’t so pathetic. What’s wrong, you couldn’t find an email on your Democratic “teammate’s” website? Didn’t know how to send him a message on his Facebook page? Couldn’t track down his number? Or was your actual aim to take a cheap shot in your first move in the general campaign and barely try to disguise it in this (what is it, congratulatory?) letter posted for all to see. Congratulations, from all of us who want something different than cheap politics as usual, you’ve insulted our intelligence. Oh, and by the way, Colin publicly congratulated you on a well run campaign Wednesday morning.

Rob Colgan

Rick August 17, 2018 at 1:17 pm

Anna you forget you still have friends in South Norwalk who supported you over the years , I was one of them. Maybe we should talk I not pleased how some of us have been ignored by the Democratic party including your candidate.

The cheap politics started when city hall created an industrial zone in the middle of south Norwalk. Its effected every homeowner including village creek . Selling a home now on Dock Rd just became harder.

Just for the record you write call or complain to Travis and you get a response he is just not a South Norwalk voice.

Dividing the Democratic party in Norwalk took skill deceit and work that should of gone into fixing the city .

While residents and taxpayers are being hurt and dumped on by the Democrats that take great pride in making visual progress before the election.

Go back and start fixing the problems before you take credit for any progress the city is a mess .

Lisa Brinton Thomson August 17, 2018 at 5:23 pm

Rick, Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Norwalk DTC = Poko, the Walk bridge, the Innovation District, the Library, SoNo CC, Quintard Ave, the illegal apartments, the lack of ordinance enforcement, the fake reorganization, the lawsuits, the lack of transparency and executive sessions. It all adds up to a stagnate grand list and gross mismanagement. People need to wake up.

Chiming In August 18, 2018 at 1:06 pm

Hey Travis – I have a better use for your time… How about going around town and removing all of your campaign lawn signs? I saw no less than a dozen just now driving all over town! Everyone else seems to have done this already – maybe because they weren’t busy publishing public, unprofessional statements??

Rusty Guardrail August 18, 2018 at 2:05 pm

Most Norwalk taxpayers don’t take time to organize in support of proper governance. It’s easier to just sell your house and go live somewhere else.

Lisa Brinton Thomson August 18, 2018 at 3:18 pm

@ Chiming In – Based on the last election, I thought that was DPWs job 😆 There are at least two dozen candidate signs up at Roton.

Jwilliams August 19, 2018 at 9:27 pm

I support Mr. Simms because I see his growth. I also see his point as being the endorsed candidate.  He won against the odds. His opponent had machine support though Mr. Simms is the endorsed candidate. Now with him being the winner again, Norwalk Democratic leadership did not throw their support to him, but allowed unsportsmanlike behavior. Ms. Duleep, are you proposing to be the ring leader this? The Republican candidate lays waiting. He said the dysfunction can be used to his advantage. 

Norwalk Democrats need better team builders. The term Republicrats, the silliest term ever, is being used to describe some of its leaders.  I am a registered Democrat and I don’t think the party has been inclusive to everyone voted in let alone endorsed.  The Repubicans stood behind Mr. Conroy last year during his bid for Mayor. That says a lot.

Mr. Simms, I admire your keeping the campaign clean. Insults have been thrown at you, but I haven’t seen your supporters strike back visciously. I’ve know of the things you could have used against your oppenent, but didn’t. Ms. Duleep, I’m going to follow Mr. Simms’ lead for now and not throw you out there either in my comment. 

Mr. Simms has been married to the same woman for over 20 years and his campaign literature honestly and clearly reflects who he is. He comes from humble beginnings, as I do. He is a product of Norwalk Public Schools, as I am.  Could we have been better educated? People can throw statistics out there all the day long, but real talk is happening in the neighborhoods that don’t have money to speak and demand for them. I like Mr. Simms’ fight to make something of himself.  I like his fight for the underdog. I like his fight for education and open space for all without leaving out the underdog. There was growth and sincerity when he asked for my support. If that turns into bravado, my support will no longer be behind Mr. Simms.  I do believe him when he says this campaign has been a humbling experiene. He sees what it is like to have a machine against him though he was the endorsed candidate. Another reason I am voting for him is because I don’t sense entitlement from him or his supporters. If he wins he has no choice, but to be grateful to the community and I think his actions will reflect that in office. I will help him, the way great teachers embrace winners with great potential whether they like them personally or not.

Mr. Simms, I like you a lot more than I did in the beginning. Let’s continue.

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