Gail Lavielle wins decisive victory in 143rd

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

NORWALK, Conn. – State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143) won re-election handily Tuesday, defeating Democratic challenger Keith Rodgerson with 65.73 percent of the vote.

Those numbers come from Lavielle herself, as shown in the video above, in which Lavielle announces her victory to the Norwalk Republican Town Committee at the Norwalk Inn.

“I believe that the outcome of this race is due to two things,” Lavielle said.  “I believe the citizens of Connecticut are extremely dissatisfied with the direction of this state in terms of the cost of living and taxation, the sluggishness of the economy vis a vie the rest of the country and the resulting inability of the state to make crucial investments … in our infrastructure, our education system and other crucial social services. It is a clear mandate from the citizens of the state to get our financial house in order so that we can address all of our major issues.

“Then there was something particular to this race,” she continued. “The residents of the 143rd district affirmed for me my faith in human nature to recognize that disparagement, negativity and distortion of the truth contribute nothing to voter information or to progress in any way. It has been my priority throughout this election season to stick to the truth and to stick to the issues that my constituents have told me are important to them and nothing more. That is how I have demonstrated to them respect and they recognized it.”

Official results for Wilton, according to the Secretary of State’s Office, are Lavielle 3,334 and Rodgerson 1,242. Unofficial results for Norwalk, from the Democratic Town Committee, are Lavielle 2,020 and Rodgerson 1,357. That’s actually 67.3 percent of the vote going to Lavielle. The district, historically, has leaned heavily toward Republicans.

Rodgerson spent part of Election Day at Wolfpit Elementary School, where Nancy On Norwalk found him about an hour before the polls closed.

Rodgerson said it was great to see people that he had met while out door-knocking. “It’s a unique thing to be at this one geographic point and all of a sudden there’s all these people coming through,” he said.

Like Lavielle, he referred to the tone of the campaign. “It’s been a positive experience except for all of the negativity and I’m glad no one here at the poll has said anything to me about Isis,” Rodgerson said.

He said he couldn’t wait to catch up on sleep and see his little boy. “It’ll be good to get back to family-life the day after the election,” Rodgerson said.



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  1. EveT

    What is really unfortunate is the redistricting that left Norwalk with only 2 of its 5 state rep districts lying within, or predominantly within, the city limits. Norwalk needs a stronger voice in Hartford and we will never have it as long as the majority of our state reps are beholden to Darien, New Canaan, Wilton and Westport.

  2. TLaw

    Congrats to Rep. Lavielle – she’s deserving of this office and quite frankly the alternative was creepy.

  3. Carol

    best of luck Gail-you deserve your win,you work hard for all of us

  4. We Deserve Better

    What a remarkably ungracious winner.

    I have zero problem with the “thank you to my supporters, etc.”, and agree that without them, she’d be nowhere. But was it really necessary to stoop down with a final dig to Rodgerson?

    He most certainly ran a very aggressive, hard-hitting (and sometimes caustic) campaign. But I’d stop short of calling it full of “lies and distortions”.

    All I see in the video of her “thank you” is petulant smugness.

    You won. Get over yourself.

  5. Trolling in Wilton

    @We Deserve Better. Get over your own self. If the GOP decided to run some caustic political hack against Morris or Perone, for example, and their entire campaign was based on lying about their opponent…your ilk would be some of the biggest crybabies about it. Rodgerson’s campaign in it’s entirety was a new low for local democrats. Hopefully we are rid of him for good.

  6. Bill

    Rodgerson can’t wait to get back to making money off the government

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