Garfunkel campaign nets donations from 18 individuals

NORWALK, Conn – Norwalk Democratic mayoral hopeful Andy Garfunkel, who came within about 800 votes of defeating Richard Moccia two years ago, continues to lag behind in fundraising going into the third quarter. Garfunkel’s second-quarter report lists just 18 donations from individuals, including 11 from Norwalk.

Here is the summary and the list of contributors from the campaign to elect Garfunkel mayor of Norwalk:

Balance on hand at beginning, $5,525.15

Contributions received by individuals, $1,195 this period; $8,128 aggregate

Receipts from other committees, $1,000 this period; $1,000 aggregate

Other monetary receipts, $500.71

Total monetary receipts $2,195.27 this period; $9,628.71 aggregate

Subtotals: $7,720.42 this period; $9,628.71 aggregate

Expenses paid by committee, $1,699.69; aggregate $3,607.98

Balance on hand at close of reporting period, $6,020.73

Campaign expenses paid by candidate, $147.03 this period; $663.65 aggregate

$1,000 donors

Connecticut Laborer’s Political League

$250 donors

Abram Heisler of Norwalk

$100 donors

Harriet Haffner of Norwalk

Pamela Parkington of Norwalk

David Brown of Norwalk

Michael Witherspoon of Norwalk

Joe Tamburri of Norwalk

Carol Salvato of Wilton

$75 donors

Charles Chinzi of Norwalk

$50 donors

Ronald Kowalski of Easton

$40 donors

Carolyn Duhaime of Derby

$30 donors

Sharon Grace of Wilton

$25 donors

John Mola of Norwalk

Shirley Mosby of Norwalk

Stuart Wells of Norwalk

Peter Perez of Milford

Cathy Tyska/Smith of Norwalk

Maria Perez of Milford

14 rounds of mini golf donated for meet-and-greet outing: $70 value

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  1. Tim T

    Shame Andy just doesn’t seem to have it in him this time around. I was a support of Andy but now have concerns. However he along with Matt were leaders and condemned the violence in “Amanda Brown Gate” Unlike good old boy Harry and young Vinny who did NOT.

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