Garfunkel gets endorsement of Norwalk laborers union

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Norwalk Democratic mayoral hopeful Andy Garfunkel leads a District A Democrats meeting recently in a City Hall lounge.

NORWALK, Conn. – An endorsement has been made in Norwalk’s upcoming Democratic primary: Mayoral candidate Andy Garfunkel has the backing of Laborers’ Local 146.

The laborers’ union told Garfunkel that it has “historically refrained from making endorsements in primary elections, but this year we are making an exception in your race,” according to a statement. “We believe that with your leadership Norwalk can move forward with a comprehensive platform that would create opportunities for real growth.”

Garfunkel said he was proud to accept the endorsement. “I appreciate the faith in my candidacy that this strong endorsement reflects,” he said in the statement. “To make Norwalk the economic engine that it should be, our city leadership has to be proactive. On the economic development front, we have to be receptive to responsible developers with the vision and financial resources to build projects that will broaden our tax base. Just as importantly, the city needs to do what it can to make sure that the dollars spent on those projects end up back in our community.  That spurs more economic growth.  As mayor, I will make sure that our local, highly-skilled trade workers have a fair shot at construction projects in Norwalk.”

The laborers said they hoped Garfunkel would work toward economic growth.

“Candidates promise not to increase taxes, (spend) more for education, hire more police, more tax relief for seniors, rebuild the infrastructure but you cannot accomplish this without first attracting new businesses and increasing revenue,” the laborers said in a statement. “We want to see Norwalk construction services companies working here in local projects hiring local residents with registered apprenticeship programs for new people  entering the labor market.  The Waypointe redevelopment project promises new jobs so it’s time to put Norwalk first and enforce the ordinance that was supposed to help the local folks find work.  Andy Garfunkel has our endorsement because we strongly believe that he has the vision and character to lead Norwalk towards economic growth.”


4 responses to “Garfunkel gets endorsement of Norwalk laborers union”

  1. NorwalkVoter

    Unions did nothing for Mr. Garfunkel last time and I presume will do the same this time. Still a foolish, short-sighted move on their part.

  2. Tom

    I agree this was an unprecedented and VERY unwise move on their part. What will they do if Garfunkel doesn’t get the endorsement or win the primary?

  3. Don’t Panic

    As long as we are continuing to look at these development projects as case by case decisions, we are never going to move ahead as a city. Developers are in it to make money for themselves. Our city needs to look at the big picture…how are people going to commute to new jobs? can we improve alternatives to driving so we don’t need so much parking…can we create mixed use development so every neighborhood is welcoming to visitors?

  4. @Don’t Panic:
    “Create mixed use development so every neighborhood is welcoming to visitors?”
    What?! That is exactly why I moved to my neighborhood, because it is quiet. I also moved to here because it is NOT mixed development – if that happens, the value of my property goes down.
    If I wanted to be in a mixed development, I would have moved to a SoNo Washington St loft…
    It isn’t prudent to make every neighborhood a mixed development.

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