Garfunkel is the right kind of person to represent Norwalk

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To the Editor:

For 15 years now I’ve been the coordinator for the Community Thanksgiving Luncheon at the East Avenue United Methodist Church. This is a free-of-charge holiday feast that feeds hundreds and all are welcome. This event is lovingly provided and attended by many Norwalkers.

Years ago when Andy Garfunkel was our town clerk, he heard about the luncheon and came by to lend a hand. He showed up days in advance and helped me carry and sort various donations. We chatted and I learned he’s comfortable in the kitchen. Word to the wise, don’t tell this to a woman who’s looking for volunteers to cook a huge meal for so many. Every year since, he’s helped peel 100 pounds of potatoes and the mashing has become his primary job.

During the luncheon he stays in the kitchen cooking tirelessly with other beloved volunteers.
Whenever he was unavailable at the time of our event, he always made a point of contributing in another way. He’s come early to prep the food or later to wash dishes and mop up. I am grateful for his sense of loyalty and willingness to do whatever is necessary.

I mention this because I see how these traits lend themselves to a good representative of our state. The commitment to bettering the lives of our citizens and the willingness to make it work no matter what obstacle may be present is what we need.

He has proven to be a man of his word and his sincere dedication to our community is inspiring. I am sure he will be an extremely positive asset in Hartford and also once again at this year’s luncheon.

Jessie McGarty


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