Garfunkel: Norwalk needs new revenue from effective economic development

By Andy Garfunkel

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Democratic mayoral hopeful Andy Garfunkel had this to say at Tuesday night’s Common Council meeting:

The Common Council has a difficult job weighing the competing interests here – education and taxes. We’ve heard tonight what our schoolchildren will be lacking if the budget proposed by the mayor and finance director is approved. I encourage this council to fund education to the fullest extent possible, but while doing so, tell the mayor, the department heads and the Board of Education that they have to work harder to find efficiencies and savings in their budgets.

However, as a community, we also have to remember that there are two sides to a balance sheet. It’s easy to complain about the spending side, but we need to do a better job on the revenue side. Increasing the Grand List through a coordinated, sustained and effective program of economic development is what Norwalk needs. Instead of simply raising taxes on our current residents to invest in our schools and necessary city services, we need new revenue. I would encourage the mayor to focus on that every day; and if he doesn’t, this council should make it a priority.



2 responses to “Garfunkel: Norwalk needs new revenue from effective economic development”

  1. Joe Espo

    I don’t know if ol’ Andy has been asleep for the last decade but he was Town Clerk and keenly aware of the impact of the financial crisis on the grand list and mortgage financing. He said the same thing at his nomination in 2011. The problem has always been financing…and he, having been Town Clerk, should know that. Because if he doesn’t, then it shows that he had no clue as clerk and it’ll be worse as mayor.. The going was good before 2008 but the obstructionists like Miklave talked the projects down until 2008 came along and the money dried up. The Mayor needs no convincing that these projects should be expedited; it’s practically a must for re-election. But the Mayor is not a bank. Andy thinks he has a solution but I don’t see him hustling the banks to get the projects financed.

  2. Tim T

    At least Andy is addressing the situation thats more than can be said for Moccia..

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