Garfunkel wants to fight for the best for Norwalk

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Letter to the Editor:

Friday morning I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Garfunkel at a diner. Andy was relaxed and open to questions and discussions.

Being of a mercenary turn of mind I asked Andy why he had decided to give up his position as a very well-liked town clerk with its comfortable salary and enviable pension in pursuit of a nebulous position as a State Representative.

Andy thought for a moment then said, “As Town Clerk, I had the distinct pleasure of talking to so many people, residents, renters, businessmen, shopkeepers, doctors, nurses, workmen in all trades, people who were struggling to make ends meet and clothe and feed their children. They all came, for one reason or the other, and they trusted me.”

On the other hand, in his capacity as Town Clerk, he was privy to the workings of all sections of the town government. Some plans worked well for the benefit of the citizens and he applauded them and did his best to aid them in every way as far as he was able. However there were others which he considered to be detrimental to the welfare of us all or even to certain segments, and he felt that he had to be in a position to fight for what in his judgment would benefit the largest portion of the Norwalk population.

Andy grew up in Norwalk. Played on the beaches, rode his bike all over town, went all through school here; in fact, he was president of the PTO of Wolfpit School for three years. He has always been an enthusiastic supporter of Norwalk and its residents and that is why, quite simply, he wants to fight for the best for Norwalk

Mabel J. Dudeney



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