Garfunkel’s back, ready to campaign for Norwalk mayor

Andy Garfunkel
Former Norwalk Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel said he’s been out of town working and helping his mother in Florida.

NORWALK, Conn. – Andy Garfunkel says that no matter what it might look like, he’s still in it to win it.

“The campaign is going great,” Norwalk’s former town clerk said of his latest effort to become Norwalk mayor.”

Garfunkel has been quiet lately and came in last in first-quarter fundraising among the four Democrats trying to get the party nomination. He had the lowest total even though he has been campaigning longer than the others and came within 600 votes of defeating Republican incumbent Mayor Richard Moccia in the last municipal election. But he said he’s been quiet because he was out of town working, and the funding deficit isn’t what it appears to be.

“The financial end is not what it appears on the surface, being that there are only two candidates on either side that have actually been elected city-wide, myself and the mayor,” he said shortly after the financial reports became public. “We’re both on par with funding for a traditional race in the city of Norwalk.”

On Tuesday night, he said, “All of a sudden donations came in” after the first-quarter reporting deadline.

Garfunkel said he has been out of town for four weeks, helping his mother move and doing some “very lucrative” freelance work. “It was well worth it for me,” he said. “I have to take care of No. 1 first. My outreach into the community is still there.”

Garfunkel said he will be at the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee mayoral meet from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the South Norwalk Community Center, located at 98 South Main St. All four candidates are expected.

He said his campaign is planning outreaches, including a movie night.

The campaign’s first-quarter fundraising total of about $7,410 was only $2,000 short of the goal, he said.

“I’m most focused on the issues,” he said. “Compared to the last campaign a year and a half ago, I’m ahead of where I was at that time, although I realize there’s a larger field this time. We’re trying to establish what the platform will be.”


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