Garfunkel’s the right person to represent 142nd

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To the Editor:

So, I hear that Andy Garfunkel is running for State Representative and I have some thoughts on that.

As a property owner and resident of Norwalk for the past 15 years, I am delighted to endorse and encourage the election of Andy Garfunkel as our State Representative.

I met Andy over 10 years ago when I decided to purchase my home here. I believe he was in his capacity as Town Clerk and his level of engagement, concern for how we were adjusting to our new environment, and offering information and additional resources while we were visiting City Hall was uncommon and beyond the call. That left an impression on me that has never left.

When something happens good or bad you remember the people involved. I would see Andy Garfunkel at several community and city sponsored events thereafter. Andy is consistent.

He is always interacting with residents of all ages and persuasions and I have watched him physically kneel for a child or bend to greet and shake the hand of an elder. My mother would call that “good home training.” I think it is grace, compassion, and humility, which is something we need in every person representing the people in Hartford and Washington. He understands that great communities don’t just happen and are in fact built. Andy Garfunkel connects, speaks, and responds with intelligence.

Andy belongs to the community, has built a life here, and – considering his resume of professional service to Norwalk and other varied talents – he could likely live anywhere else. We are lucky to have him here as he is a fine example of a “listener and doer” in our community.

Andy Garfunkel has a balanced and communicative approach to leadership and we can always benefit from more of that in Hartford. I hope to see him there as the State Representative for the 142nd District taking his resilience, awareness, strong community knowledge, and obvious respect for the diversity that makes up our district all the way. I trust that he will represent the best interest of the community in which he lives and serves. I look forward to having him as my State Representative.

Adrienne A.Wallace



2 responses to “Garfunkel’s the right person to represent 142nd”

  1. Michael McGuire

    Ms. Wallace, I’m sure Andy Garfunkel is a great guy, good father, etc. and I truly do applaud his service to Norwalk. However, as a small business owner and employer I have become increasingly distressed over the financial and business climate in Connecticut.

    I have listened to both Mr. Garfunkel and Mr. Wilms on their various campaign platforms and current hot topics for politics. Both would, no doubt, make solid leaders and fight for Norwalk.

    However, given Fred Wilms vastly superior background in the area of finance, both from a business prospective and a municipal/governmental prospective I would have to go with Mr. Wilms.

    Connecticut got into its current fiscal problems by sending well meaning but financially inexperienced representatives. We simply cannot afford to do that anymore.

    Its time for Connecticut to get off the bottom and clean up its fiscal house.

  2. Oyster

    Connecticut’s businesses are harmed by a rather modern economic religion that believes all spending and all taxes are bad, which has decreased consumer spending so low, businesses have no customers to sustain them.
    Replacing a twenty-two year priest of this doctrine in the 142nd with someone who believes the same is a bad idea.
    Mr. Garfunkel, having spent years in the clerk’s office helping citizens navigate the day to day functions of government in a customer-friendly fashion, will carry with him a far better understanding of the needs of his constituents.

    His platform of restoring vital infrastructure like roads and rails, regional planning for revitalizing jobs in growth industries and protecting our citizenry from preventable catastrophic losses will do more to attract businesses than short-changing the fundamentals to keep taxes low.

    Mr. Garfunkel’s warm, thoughtful personality will be an asset in Hartford where cooperation is king. His regional approach will help convince legislators to make decisions that create bigger bangs for the buck. Contrast this with a plan to head up to Hartford and ask Peter to pay Paul so Norwalk can get more ECS money to help a scholl system that has been turned completely around with new management.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Moving forward requires proven techniques not dogma.

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