Garfunkel’s vision is right for the state and 142nd

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To the Editor:

Although I’ve lived in Norwalk for over 30 years and understand that some of the difficult issues facing the city must be tackled on a local basis, I also believe that our towns and cities cannot survive in isolation and that many of our problems can be resolved more economically and efficiently by taking a regional approach to those issues. Roads, bridges, rail and communication come to mind. I would like to see any candidate for whom I vote focus on this larger view.

I would like my candidate to be a long-term local resident who works well with people and who, through work and community service, is thoroughly knowledgeable about local and regional issues.

My candidate would understand that it is imperative to invest now in upgrading our region’s failing infrastructure, take a pro-active stance on inland and coastal flooding and work to increase sustainable energy and conservation programs. If we hope to lure new business, and therefore new jobs to the region, the importance of a clean, inviting and litter-free environment cannot be over emphasized.

A regionally co-operative approach to job creation involves developing a program that informs and incentivizes small and developing businesses to locate here. From light manufacturing to startup entrepreneurs, companies must be made aware of our region’s advantages – and no, I don’t mean tax breaks! There are loans and grants available from both the Federal Government and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development that provide investment funding for all kinds of business enterprises. That investment helps put people back to work, provides well paying jobs and in so doing enables money to circulate back into our economy. It’s a win-win situation!

An interactive program between towns and cities would help prospective employers to find location sites that fit their specific needs. Many vacant plants and idle office spaces can be repurposed to suit various kinds of businesses. Such a program would also streamline the currently long, difficult and expensive permitting and permissions process.

My candidate will support programs that use the power of a combined regional approach for energy purchase. Increased emphasis on the benefits of lowered energy costs and investments in solar and other sustainable energy sources would also encourage more businesses to locate in Norwalk and surrounding areas.

Because this region is located on the main corridor between Boston and New York and has easy access to major road, rail and water transportation my candidate will be in an ideal position to sell the region’s transportation advantages to prospective businesses.

Add to this, that we live in an area with beautiful parks and beaches, amazing history and great restaurants where, when properly maintained and promoted, people will want to work and live.

My candidate is Andy Garfunkel.

Kathleen Mary Tepper


22 responses to “Garfunkel’s vision is right for the state and 142nd”

  1. Mr. Ludlow

    You can’t deny that Andy Garfunkel managed the Town Clerk’s office with a steady hand. That kind of administrative experience is lacking in Hartford. Combined with his empathy for those of us struggling through Connecticut’s stagnant economy, Andy has the commitment and skill to make a difference for Norwlak.

    His opponent, on the other hand, has a record in Norwalk that represents everything that is wrong in Hartford. As Mr. Wilms’ new-found supporter Peter Berman wrote in Octover 2013: “Nor should anyone be concerned that the BET — headed by a longtime chairman — not only sets the tax hikes but also is a party to all municipal labor union contracts. Here we have the BET chairman trumpeting the AAA rating while not taking responsibility for negotiating the highest municipal salaries anywhere and property taxes sufficiently high to encourage stagnant property values some three years into the national economic expansion.”
    (You can read Mr. Berman’s scathing rebuke of Mr. Wilms at https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2013/10/opinion-trumpeting-aaa-rating-just-a-lot-of-noise/).

    Rather than support a glad-hander looking for his next elective office, Norwalk should support the compassionate and experienced Andy Garfunkel.

  2. LWitherspoon

    @Mr. Ludlow

    Two words: Debbie Troy.

    Do I recall correctly that during the investigation into Ms. Troy’s thefts of cash, we learned that Town Clerk office personnel went on limo trips to NYC to have dinner and a night out, on the taxpayer dime?

    Andy is compassionate and an all-around nice guy. Fred Wilms is the better candidate.


    2 words again, Debbie Troy
    Andy, when will you go public and explain your part?
    Hope the trial doesn’t begin before election

  4. mollyB

    I agree with you L Witherspoon. Fred Wilms is a much better candidate and would bring “real” business world experience to the position. Mr. Garkunkel would be a much better city Sheriff or selectman.

  5. Michael McGuire

    Connecticut’s sever fiscal problems need attention by knowledgeable professionals from the financial sector. Mr. Garfunkel is a nice guy and all that, but he just does not have the background to address what CT needs now. Sure he brings up a host of good talking points on needed issues – but his limited background on financial matters does not instill the confidence taht he can tackle them in a manner that does not create more problems.

    This is a similar concept that I tried to raise with the Common Council when I spoke there two weeks ago. Electing well-meaning but unqualified members to the various commissions etc. has lead to some significant long term problems in Norwalk.

    Begin with the end in mind – if we want our fiscal house in order than we need to send financial professionals. Fred Wilms is the right man for the job.

  6. WOW just WOW

    One thing the anti Andy group forgot with their propaganda is that it was Andy that put the system on place that caught Troy.
    That is the sign of a true manager and leader.

  7. Trojan Copier

    @Wow just wow. So you are saying in 8 or 10 years Andy might figure out what is wrong in Hartford? Hardly a ringing endorsement.

    Apparently adding up how much paper was walking out the door from the copiers and how few copies were being paid for required some sophisticated system for Andy to figure it out. You really want to stand by this statement of yours?

  8. Trojan Copier

    In fairness to Andy, Finance should have been measuring the paper usage to the meter readings from the copiers. Whoever sells the paper would have provided a record that could have easily been compared to the meter readings that the copier leases report on. It’s really just one example of waste in government that goes on everywhere everyday and no one is paying attention to it. That is why most of it find it really insulting when we are told there is no room for savings or improvement. The government is bleeding cash and resources because there is simply no accountability. It literally pays to steal from the city

  9. WOW just WOW

    Trojan Copier
    I am talking about the troy incident. I have no idea what you are making up.

  10. Trojan Copier

    Yes Wow, I too am talking about the Troy incident. Don’t worry, Vote Democrats across the board like you do every time. It’s really working out for us well here in CT.

  11. Are you for real.

    I agree, Debbie Troy- Debbie Troy!!! Andy was NOT the one that found any discrepancies in that office, it was the current Town Clerk, Rick McQuaid . Andy is NOT ready for any State office . He will have to go to trail with Ms. Troy as her old department head and swear under oath that he knew nothing of missing funds and alleged forged mortgage papers to benefit herself. He was the Department head and trusted Town Servant for that office and now it is going to haunt him for sure allowing Ms. Troy to steal our tax payers money. I was appalled when I went to the ct.gov website and saw the track record of Ms.Troy and we as tax payers should never allow Mr. Garfunkel to get into anything with the State after proving he could not handle ne small office. Thank God for Mr. McQuaid or Norwalk would be broke. I agree with L. Witherspoon,Debbie Troy! Reading articles on Ms. troy on this site, I see the lady had cancer and was out of work as well, is that time allowed to all City Employees or just a few chosen ones?? Good Luck at trail Mr. Garfunkel.

  12. Oyster

    Now I have to say Wow. Like nobody in the history of time has ever had a dishonest employee. If you believe that lightning strikes twice and the legislative office will have a cash operated copy machine, you can sleep tonight knowing you protected the state taxpayer from the completely hypothetical loss of a few thousand dollars…then again, maybe nobody checked the clerk’s office freezer for the missing Troy money.

  13. Funny isn’t it

    A few thousand??? Oh boy, someone is not telling the entire truth on the amount taken. I am sure they checked the freezer too once the amount really was exposed..Wake up Norwalk!

    1. Mark Chapman


      Actually, it isn’t funny. If you have evidence to back up your claim you should let the investigators know. The case is getting close to finished, and Ms. Troy’s next court date is scheduled for Oct. 23. If you have no evidence, I suggest you not make unsubstantiated allegations.

  14. Kevin Di Mauro

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned how Andy Garfunkel attempted to use his accumulated SICK DAYS to campaign for Mayor of Norwalk against Dick Moccia. It took a legal opinion from corporate counsel to convince Andy that sick days are for when you are sick and not for campaigning.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ Kevin Di Mauro

      We have written about this in the past, as in when Mr. Garfunkel ran in 2013. It was really a bogus issue leaked to a hungry media by the Moccia campaign and presented without all the facts.

      Start with the fact that, as elected officials, the mayor and the town clerk report to no one but the voters. Neither punches a time clock. Technically, neither has to show up in the office, they just have to do their job or be turned out of office by the voters. That Norwalk’s charter puts those offices technically under the same rules as the ordinance employees is a strange quirk. However, that quirk allows the mayor and the clerk, upon leaving office, to collect pay for unused vacation and a portion of unused sick days.

      Then factor in that the Corporation Counsel opinion played down the “no time clock” aspect in favor of the “sick days are for when you are sick.” Corporation Counsel is hired by and can be fired by the mayor, who also controls the position’s raises. In this case, the mayor was Mr. Garfunkel’s opponent. Corporation Counsel was also the mayor’s personal attorney, or so Mr. Moccia publicly stated — in our opinion a glaring conflict of interest.

      So when you accept the fact that Mr. Garfunkel could legally have simply not been in the office without explanation without losing any pay OR sick time or vacation time, and that the entire issue was planted as a way to try to put some stink on an opponent who had been elected citywide five times, you might understand why some folks consider it a non-issue.

  15. Kevin Di Mauro


    Was it a fact that Andy Garfunkel tried to use his accumulated SICK DAYS to campaign for Mayor of Norwalk ? A simple “yes” or “no” answer please.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Yes. You know it is. He never denied it. I just thought perhaps you and others might like all the facts. It’s what we do.

  16. Rick McQuaid

    I do punch a clock and report to Secretary of the State. I also report to Mayor as one of his Department heads.

  17. Resume Beefing

    I believe Mr. Garfunkel is simply beefing up his resume.

    The man isn’t a fair game player. He lost to the primary for Mayor and never supported now-mayor Rilling.

    He’s not a team player and I believe all for himself and a title.

    However, he’s a nice guy on a personal level.

    My honest opinion.

  18. Oyster

    @ Resume Beefing,

    Clearly you are holding a grudge against Garfunkel which Mayor Rilling himself isn’t holding. Mayor Rilling spoke at Mr. Garfunkel’s nominating convention https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2014/05/garfunkel-endorsed-to-represent-the-142nd-district/

    If you disagree with his platform, that’s one thing, but his years of civic and community service show he will be ready on day one to work with the rest of the legislative team to do what’s best for Norwalk.,

  19. Resume Beefing

    This has nothing to do with his platform, nor is it personal.

    He simply is NOT a team player. If I lost the primary, i’d immediately back Rilling. He never came forward to tell his followers to vote Harry. Every other contender did, but him.

    It’s political – of course he’s okay with Rilling now. They have to be one cohesive unit for the public eye.

    Andy is a great guy, don’t get me wrong. Perhaps he should stick to acting/recreating the civil war.

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