Geake won’t run for re-election to Norwalk council

Common Council Mike Geake 004-20130409
Norwalk Common Councilman Mike Geake is not running for re-election.

NORWALK, Conn. – Another of the politicians regarded as traitors by some members of the Norwalk Democratic Party is officially not running for re-election this November.

Councilman Michael Geake did not submit petitions to force a primary in District B, Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said Wednesday. The deadline has passed.

Geake, who ran as a Democrat in November 2011, became unaffiliated and joined the Republican caucus about five months after winning election to represent District B on the Common Council. That emboldened Mayor Richard Moccia, Common Council Minority Leader David Watts (D-District A) said Wednesday.

“The whole trajectory of the city was changed,” Watts said. “… What he did was horrible.”

Geake was one of three Democratic council members to join the Republican caucus. Only one will be on the ballot this fall. Councilman Bruce Kimmel (D-District D) is running as a Republican-endorsed at-large candidate. Common Councilman Carvin Hilliard elected not to run for re-election, saying he is retired and wants to spend time in South Carolina.

Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba acknowledged that there are four Republican caucus members who are not returning: Hilliard, Geake, Councilman Fred Bondi and Councilman Nick Kydes.

“Everything is status quo until the election,” he said in an email. “Afterwards I would wish them well and thank them for their service.”

Geake said in June that he would be on the ballot this fall, but didn’t know which line he would be on. He was, at the time, leaving an RTC meeting, and said he had switched his party affiliation to Democrat so he could vote in September’s primary.

He subsequently promised to force a primary. But when Hilliard decided not to join him in that endeavor, Geake was out, District B Chairman Bobby Burgess said.

“That made it kind of difficult for him to run,” Burgess said.

Geake confirmed that Hilliard’s move was the reason he didn’t try to force a primary.

“When Carvin dropped out, I decided I didn’t want to be on a ticket with either of the two endorsed by the DTC,” he said in an email.

Watts said Geake had tried to get a Republican endorsement as a council candidate. Geake did not return an email asking him about that allegation. Scialabba declined to comment as well.

“I don’t think he was even trusted by them. He was just being used,” Watts said. “He was a freebie.”

It would have been foolish for Geake to try to run in District B as a Democrat, Watts said.

“Every Democrat that I know would have gotten involved to see that he got defeated,” Watts said. “He would have had a huge hurdle. We were prepared to dispatch resources to see that he was defeated. … We are committed to recapture the council and we run people who actually have integrity.”

Geake also ran as a Working Families candidate in November 2011. Watts said Geake filled out an application with the Working Families party, promising that he would vote against garbage outsourcing. Geake did not return an email asking about that. Attempts to make phone contact were also unsuccessful.

The outsourcing matter came up in July 2012, and Geake voted for it.

“He betrayed two parties,” Watts said.

Geake got a free pass, Watts said, as Democrats appointed him to be a District B candidate instead of Travis Simms. He did not have to campaign like the rest of the Democratic candidates, knocking on doors in the heat of the summer. Geake watched New York Jets games instead and laughed about it, he said.

The sense of betrayal is therefore profound, Watts said, as Geake undid everything his fellow Democrats worked for.

Watts said the Democrats had been planning to look at residency requirements for the top paid city officials. Moccia told him that outsourcing the garbage collection was a dead issue until Geake switched, Watts said. The mayor would have had a much more difficult time getting appointments through, Watts said.

Geake left the Democratic party after Simms and others forced a primary to challenge the elected members of the DTC. Geake’s wife, Mary, was one of those people. She lost. Geake switched the next day.

Yet, at the time, he cited the behavior of the Democratic caucus.

“I had no intention of running, and this is part of the reason I had no intention of running — all the crap I put up with the last time,” he said. Geake haad served on the council from 2007 to 2009.

Kimmel also blames the behavior of his fellow Democrats for his presence in the Republican caucus.

Although being unaffiliated, Geake said he was still a Democrat.

“I’m still going to vote the way I vote,” Geake said, at the time. “The Republicans know me from last time, they know darn well how I’m going to vote on what issue. They accept that. I won’t change who I am just who I caucus with. … I didn’t stop being a Democrat, I just stopped being a Norwalk Democrat.”

Watts said leaving the party was “drastic.”

“It’s a shame, because I think he’s a nice guy,” Watts said. “But I think something was at work here for him to give away the council majority. The whole trajectory of the city was changed.”

Common Council member Warren Pena (D-At-Large) said he wishes Geake “all the best, and hope he retires from Norwalk politics gracefully.”

Watts issued a parting shot: “I would like to wish Mike Geake good riddance and wish him well in his future endeavor. I don’t think any self-respecting Democrat would run with him again.”


24 responses to “Geake won’t run for re-election to Norwalk council”

  1. Norwalk lifer

    More ingrown and incestous nonsense from the “small” city of Norwalk

    Norwalk Democrat indeed, such nonsense this man states! Leaders are hard to find, aren’t they?

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. nwkprobate

    Mike Geake was BAD news … he was a complete traitor … Good riddance to him. He will not be missed. What did he ever do for Norwalk? He’s not running as he has no record other than selling out

    (This comment has been edited to conform with our comment policy.)

  3. EveT

    Looks like David Watts was the only Council member willing to speak at length to a reporter about Geake’s decision. Considering his comments, one has to question his judgment a bit. Even in politics, it’s bad form to kick a guy when he’s down.

  4. Rob

    Who would want to be affiliated with Simms? Mike Geake may be a lot of things including a party traitor, a stick in the mud, out of touch and what have you but at least he’s not violently assaulting his family, using weapons and promoting fisticuffs. I suppose if that’s the DTC thing Simms fits right in. No matter how they spin it.. It’s embarrassing to see Simms on any ticket, there will come a time when he turns on the DTC and he’ll take you all down with one punch.

  5. D(ysfunctional)TC

    That’s funny. Every Democrat I know is going to work to make sure Watts doesn’t get another two years. Instead we’ll elect people who will actually go to their meetings and pay their taxes on time.

  6. ScopeonNorwalk

    Geake was well aware that he couldn’t win in South Norwalk. Smart move on his part.

  7. loveforthecity

    Mr. Geake played the Democrats and for what? Just because his wife lost a seat on the Town Committee? He was used by the Mayor and did not do a single thing for us in South Norwalk. Good riddance is right.

  8. oldtimer

    “you can fool some people all the time and all people some of the time”
    Mike has finally figured out time runs out when fooling people is your game.
    There was a time when the Mike Geakes had their own party and it was called the “mugwumps” because they took a position on the fence, with their mugs on one side and their wumps on the other. As much as he did for either side, he will not be missed.

  9. NorwalkDinosaur

    I wish Mr. Geake good health and happiness, but @oldtimer summed this one up perfectly.

  10. L boggie


    I hope you like the video.


  11. D(ysfunctional)TC

    @L Boggie. If only councilman Watts would spend half the time reading his packet materials as he does putting together sloppy video edits, we might just hear something useful out of him at meetings other than his hot air.

    @L Boggie. Since you seem to know Watts very well, you might want to advise him that his use of Run D.M.C.’s song here is not authorized and he could be held liable for copyright infringement. Don’t worry if you don’t know him the record industry has teams of lawyers who look out for this stuff all the time and they’ll be sure to let him know.

    As for the choice of song in “you talk too much”, that is very appropriate for Watts who drones on at council meetings saying basically nothing over and over again and clearly demonstrating he doesn’t read the packets except for maybe 5 minutes before the meetings that he feels like attending.

    (Editor’s note: The photos, some of which were apparently downloaded from this site, were also unauthorized.)

  12. L boogie

    @ dsyfunctional tc, you and your republican buddies are overlooking the nasty things Mr Dunne said about the president and local democrats because it fits your political agenda.

  13. Norwalk lifer

    I find Mr. Geake’s comments “offensive”, he lumps a whole body of people into a crabbed and inaccurate opinion.

    If this is the manner in which this man thinks, generalizations, then he should leave peacefully and let someone else take up the discussion of what is the best for South Norwalk. I am not impressed with either Mr. Kimmel nor Mr. Geake’s assesment of a decent group of people who wish the best for this city, I am one of them. I would challenge them to dehumanize people like me, but letting others refer to us as “Thugs” and a parasitic reference implied by Mr. Geake’s statement “Norwalk Democrats” What nonsense!

    Norwalk Lifer

  14. C.G.

    What do you expect when you want thugs representing the area?

  15. Joanne Romano

    Why not just wish Mike well and move on? This town has become nothing but a bunch of biddies in a coffee klatch..I am and will continue to be friends with Mike and Mary no matter their political affiliation as I am with hundreds of others who I don’t always agree on every subject with…but that’s the great thing about having friends from all walks of life and all political persuasions, you can agree to disagree and move on to the next subject. But as usual we must pick every morsel from the bone until there’s nothing left!

  16. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    Your comments towards your colleague Michael Geake are disgraceful.
    “I don’t think he was even trusted by them. He was just being used,” Watts said. “He was a freebie.”
    It’s no secret that you have interest in higher office. We all remember when “Bea Jones” spoke glowingly about you setting your sights on state representative.
    Can you point to any state representative who speaks of his colleagues in this manner? Who embarrasses himself regularly with inarticulate political gamesmanship? Who so badly disguises his many online alter egos?
    Your behavior is an embarrassment to Norwalk.

  17. L boogie

    L witherspoon aka the resident troll. You are the person who stays at the party too long. Your attacks are played out like a pair of gym shoes. Now go give your boss a ride home it is almost closing time.

  18. Norwalk lifer

    I agree with Ms. Romano, Mr Geake should have just announced his resignation with digntiy, and not resorted to an Aesops fable like dissertation on the character, machinations, and motivations of others; unfortunately for him, he opened Pandora’s box and let out discord. I refuse to let anyone including people here mar the reputation and the good standing of my neighbors in South Norwalk; you receive what you give out in South Norwalk, you glare at someone crossing a street, and they will glare back at you. You show bad manners by not waving and smiling, you will receive the like in return.

    I’ve lived in various parts of South Norwalk for most of my life. it is a wonderful part of Norwalk, I’ve got a great community and neighbors, of all flavors, political bents, economics, ambitions, etc., it boils down to simple manners, do not call people deragatory names, do not character assasinate people, and they will not rise up and slap the ever loving crap out of you. It’s that simple. Give what you wish to receive. Mr. Geake’s disparaging comments should have been left unsaid if he wishes that no one would comment on his resignation. I do not wish him any ill will, but I will say clearly, not a loss for South Norwalk, not at all.

    Norwalk Lifer

  19. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    I simply offered you some advice. If you and “Bea Jones” still want to be a state representative some day, I suggest you consider whether anybody has ever succeeded in winning election to such an office by behaving in the manner that you do.
    When you realize that nobody ever has, ask yourself whether your behavior is helping or hurting your chances of achieving your goal.
    Alternately, you can keep on calling me names and posting gibberish. Your choice. I guess I prefer the name calling and gibberish, since it will make it much harder for you to ever become a state representative.

  20. L boogie

    @ lwitherspoon, how about you tell the folks your real name? We know you work for Moccia Inc. Why did the mayor pick a fight with sleeping democrats? I guess with all love the entertainment.

  21. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    More gibberish interspersed with lies. I guess we won’t be seeing you in Hartford anytime soon.

  22. L boogie


    If a person takes the time to drive to Hartford why would they want to see you there?

  23. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    Let’s set aside the childish comments and talk about real issues. You still haven’t answered my question – can you point to any state representative who speaks of his colleagues in this manner? Who embarrasses himself regularly with inarticulate political gamesmanship? Who so badly disguises his many online alter egos?

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