#Giving NEWS Day – Are you with us?


Unless you live totally off the grid, you’ve probably received at least one or two appeals for #GivingTuesday (what we like to call #GivingNEWSDay.)

You may have even received one from us.

So, I’ll be brief. We need your support to continue reporting on Norwalk. Our work is hard, and our budget slim. But we are dedicated to bringing you news that’s no longer covered by other news outlets: in-depth, interactive stories about our schools, local real estate developments, our elected officials, and much more. We are your eyes and ears at town meetings you wish you had time to attend.

I recently got some pushback from a reader who wanted to know why she should donate. My response: because if you don’t, where else will you get truly local news? Social Media? As local journalism dries up in so many cities, NancyOnNorwalk is truly an oasis of local information.

She donated $100. It made my day!

Your donation not only brightens our bottom line, it lifts our spirits as well, and encourages us to work even harder to shine a light on what’s happening in Norwalk. (And yes, it’s fully tax-deductible.)

On this special #GivingNEWSDay, please donate what you can to support local news in Norwalk. It means so much more than you might think.

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