GOP use parliamentary rule to get public hearing on Common Core

By Hugh McQuaid & Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. – House Republicans swooped in Wednesday after a press conference where teacher union officials called the implementation of Common Core State Standards “botched,” to announced they’d managed to force a public hearing on legislation to delay the standards.

The announcement came directly after a Connecticut Education Association media event Wednesday morning in the Legislative Office Building. The state’s largest teachers union released the results of a member poll conducted this month, which suggest that Connecticut’s teachers are overwhelmingly critical of how Common Core State Standards have been implemented here.

Teachers, according to the poll, reported that schools are not adequately equipped to teach the standards and 96 percent believed its implementation had been rushed.

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One response to “GOP use parliamentary rule to get public hearing on Common Core”

  1. EveT

    The idea of a common core is great, and from what I’ve seen there’s some very valuable stuff in there, but it seems like a radical departure from the test-focused, fact-focused NCLB that has dominated classrooms for the past decade. It may also be questionable whether all of the CC curriculum is age appropriate. I think teachers have a legitimate concern about the implementation.

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