Gov’s budget office, nonpartisan analysts project deficit

State budget deficit projection worsens
State budget deficit projection worsens

HARTFORD, Conn. – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget office issued a report late Friday projecting that the state would end the year with a $99.5 million budget deficit. That’s about $10.4 million more than the $89.1 million deficit the legislature’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis projected earlier Friday.

The Malloy administration said the $99.5 million deficit was only projected, and would only come to fruition if the state took no administrative action to manage it.

Earlier this week, Malloy administration budget director Ben Barnes wrote to state agencies asking them to reduce spending and to curtail hiring.

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3 responses to “Gov’s budget office, nonpartisan analysts project deficit”

  1. John Hamlin

    Funny how this only comes out after the election

  2. Reality Check

    The real number is closer to a billion. The fed has not reimbursed us for obamacare and probably never will because we didn’t follow the law properly. Don’t worry Dannel will balance the budget with the credit card again or raise taxes on rich people like Foley who don’t pay taxes. In other words, more screwing for the middle class.

  3. piberman

    Lets remember that CT Governors have often pledged “no new taxes” before elections only to find “new conditions” afterwards requiring more spending/taxes. Former Gov. Weicker is well remembered for pledging no new taxes, then insituting the state’s first “income tax” that is now our leading revenue source. And we should remember that a former Democratic Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp then a state representative cast the enabling vote for the income tax. And that vote had little if any affect on his becoming a 2 term Mayor. Gov. Weicker’s income tax belongs to everyone – Democarts and Republicns alike.

    Gov. Weicker’s income tax really opened up new vistas for state spending. But its lasting legacy is to make the sate’s budget very sensitive to economic declnes, especially Recessions. After a 5 year Expansion odds are pretty good that we’ll have another Recession in the Governor’s new term. And Governor Malloy will find himself “forced” to raise taxes again. After all the public unions wouldn’t stand for reductions in staffing, salaries or benefits. Democrats take care of Democrats. Its good business.

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