Gubernatorial candidates have spent more than $1M for TV ads with out-of-state firms

The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 12.
The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 12.

HARTFORD, Conn. – The two remaining Republican gubernatorial candidates have each spent more than $1 million of their public campaign funds on a litany of activities — things like political consultants, polls, television commercials, and media buys.

However, more than $1 million of those public tax dollars, according to State Election Enforcement Commission reports, have been spent on television commercials created, produced, and directed outside of Connecticut.

As of Aug. 5, Tom Foley had spent $490,111 with Chatham Light Media LLC of Stowe, Vt. and Pinpoint Media of Alexandria, Va.

Meanwhile, also as of Aug. 5, John McKinney had spent $544,789 on television ads with Jamestown Associates of Princeton, N.J.

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2 responses to “Gubernatorial candidates have spent more than $1M for TV ads with out-of-state firms”

  1. One and Done.

    Maybe, just maybe there aren’t any competitive firms in CT that can provide the same quality work? CT gets $4 bn annually from the federal government too, so this story is a NON story as one gets. Sorry for the pun.

  2. Tobias

    As a media professional working in Video within CT, knowing many videographers and Producers in CT, it would be nice to have the business as well as return the tax revenue back to the State (which is huge) instead of going to other states. It may seem like a non issue but there are even Video Producers who choose to live in CT who need to eat!

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