Hampton will help bring balance to State government

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As the lone minority party representative on Norwalk’s Common Council, I’m proud to endorse Nicole Hampton for the 143rd legislative district. I’ve lived in Norwalk most of my life, graduating from Norwalk High School in 1988, serving more than four years on the Norwalk Parking Authority and nearly five on the BOE, including as Chair of the Finance Committee. There is an unprecedented concentration of power – both locally and in Hartford – in the hands of one party. We can see the negative impact of single party rule everywhere we turn. Our public schools are struggling. Our city is a major polluter thanks to overdevelopment. In Hartford we’ve had 30 years of public sector growth under Democrat rule, mounting pension fund obligations and skyrocketing taxes. What we haven’t had are any major improvements to our roads and highways. The cost of living is up. Quality of life is down.

Nicole is a fiscal conservative cross-endorsed by the Independent Party.

Nicole will work with moderate Democrats and Republicans in Hartford to bring balance to state government and equity to Norwalk, where we’ve been shortchanged on ECS funding for years. Nicole supports auditing State accounts and contracts to identify areas of waste and possible fraud. As a CPA with a long history of public service in
Norwalk, I applaud that effort.

We need to restore bipartisanship and balance to the CGA to make Connecticut a great place to live again. That’s why I hope you’ll join me in voting for Nicole Hampton on November 8th.


Bryan Meek

Common Council member, District D


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  1. Patrick Cooper

    Hum…..well written.

    Nancy – you gave yourself the bi-line. Did you write this for Bryan? If so – that’s the story here….Harry is gonna be angry.

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