Hampton’s character is needed in Hartford

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I’ve known Nicole Hampton for over 10 years. Upon first meeting Nicole, I was impressed with her drive, determination and commitment to helping those in need. As a fellow volunteer in the community, I was immediately impressed by Nicole’s fearlessness. Over the years, my regard for Nicole as a person of character has only grown.

I am a retired firefighter and former Assistant Fire Chief in the Town of Westport. I’ve seen bravery firsthand. Nicole Hampton is the brave leader we need to look out for us in Hartford. Unlike her opponent, who votes in lockstep with her party, Nicole won’t be a status quo political pawn. While her opponent patted herself on the back for her
 environmental activism, Norwalk was pumping raw sewage into the river. We can’t afford advocates who only pay lip service to the issues that matter. We need a real voice in Hartford, someone who’s on our side, not theirs.

Nicole cares about the real-life concerns of voters in Connecticut’s 143rd legislative district — affordability, safety and the quality of our schools. 
Nicole Hampton deserves your vote on November 8th.

Joe Valiente



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