Happy new year: It’s still easy to get rid of bulky waste… taxes due, renters advised to stay warm

The Norwalk Department of Public Works collects a mattress Wednesday. (City of Norwalk.)

NORWALK, Conn. – Some City of Norwalk announcements:

  • Bulky waste pilot program continuing through 2019
  • Pay taxes by Feb. 1 to avoid interest charges
  • Renters have the right to a minimum 65 degree-heat level


City extends bulky waste program through 2019

“After a successful first year, the City of Norwalk is continuing its call-in bulky waste collection pilot program through 2019 with a few modifications aimed to improve the program,” a press release from Norwalk Communications Manager Joshua Morgan said.

“Instead of waiting the entire year for a spring collection, this program provides an efficient and convenient way to dispose of bulky items more frequently,” Mayor Harry Rilling is quoted as saying. “This has been a successful program and is a tremendous asset for our residents. I encourage more members of the public to take advantage of the service in the coming year.”

The release explained:

“In 2018, the city rolled out the pilot program – where residents could call and schedule a curbside pick-up of bulky waste – for anyone who received city garbage collection. Before the pilot began, all residents were responsible for bringing bulky waste to the Transfer Station. Last year, the city made over 1,000 stops which resulted in more than 120 tons of bulky materials, metal, and plastic being collected.

“Residents who receive city garbage collection can request up to three collections per year. Items such as mattresses, box springs, couches, and carpets can be picked up. Certain items, like construction materials, hazardous waste, Freon appliances, tires, and motor vehicle parts are not permitted. A full list of what can – and cannot – be disposed of through the bulky waste collection is available online.

“To request a collection of bulky items, residents are required to call Customer Service at (203) 854-3200 ext. 4. Requests can be placed anytime up until 4:30 p.m. on the Monday before their scheduled collection; and if a holiday falls on the Monday, until noon on Tuesday.

“Bulky waste collection occurs monthly except in November due to leaf and yard waste collection. If a collection is canceled due to inclement weather, the collection will be postponed until the following month.

“To view map of zones and collection dates, visit norwalkct.org/BulkyMap.”





Tax payments due by Feb. 1

You have until Friday, Feb. 1, to pay your property tax bills for real estate, motor vehicle, business personal property, and sewer use charges, according to another Morgan press release.

If you make that deadline, you’ll avoid interest charges. Otherwise, “Interest on late payments will be charged at the rate of 3 percent beginning on February 2. This represents 1.5 percent interest per month for the months of January and February,” the release said.

You are encouraged to pay by mail; if the envelope is postmarked by Feb. 1, you’ll be fine.

To pay in person, visit City Hall at 125 East Ave. The Tax Collector’s office is on the first floor and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, The office does not close for lunch.

The release said:

“Taxpayers may also find it convenient to pay in-person at one of 13 Norwalk bank branch locations of the following banks: Bankwell; Fairfield County Bank; M & T Bank; Norwalk Bank and Trust; Patriot National Bank; Webster Bank; and TD Bank. There is no charge for the service, and the taxpayer does not need to be a customer of the bank to pay but must bring their current tax bill. The banks only accept payments through February 1.

“Taxpayers may also pay over the telephone using their card by calling toll-free 866-974-8090. Credit, debit, and ATM cards may also be used to pay in-person at City Hall. ACH payments (E-Check) payments may be made online. The charge for an E-Check is $1.50.

“Failure to have received a tax bill does not exempt the taxpayer from interest charges. Interest is charged on all late payments, with absolutely no exception. Please call the Tax Collector’s office at (203) 854-7731 if you have not received your tax bill.

“For more information on the Tax Collector’s office, how to pay taxes, or look up the current tax bill, visit norwalkct.org/taxcollector.

“For information about how to pay online or over the telephone, visit norwalkct.org/payment.”




No need to freeze at home

“With winter coming into full swing, the City of Norwalk Human Relations and Fair Rent Department reminds the public that they have certain legal rights as tenants, including the ability to maintain consistent heated room temperatures of at least 65 degrees,” another Morgan press release said.

“All people deserve to live in an environment that is safe and comfortable. No one should be freezing in their homes,” Rilling is quoted as saying. “If someone has an issue, they should contact us so we can address it. The sooner it is brought to our attention the better – we are here to help.”

The release continued:

“Unless the tenant turned down the thermostat which caused temperatures to fall below 65 degrees, it is the responsibility of the landlord to resolve the matter. There are many resources available for tenants under the law, and experts in the Human Relations and Fair Rent Department can help someone navigate an issue and ensure it is resolved promptly.

“’It’s important to remember that landlords have certain obligations and tenants have certain rights,’ said Anna T. Keegan, Acting Director of the Norwalk Human Relations and Fair Rent Department. ‘Landlords and tenants can call us with their questions and trust that we will inform them of their basic rights and responsibilities. If someone is worried about any potential repercussions of calling, they are welcome to call anonymously. We are here to answer their questions and help them find solutions.’

“If someone has a question or needs to report an issue, please call the Human Relations and Fair Rent Department Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at (203) 854-7989. If it is an issue of insufficient heat and it is after 5 p.m. or on the weekend, please contact the Norwalk Police Department non-emergency line at (203) 854-3000.

“For more information on landlord/tenant rights and fair rent, visit norwalkct.org/fairrent.”


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  1. Alan

    Interesting to note that Dan Malloy imposed a “recycling fee” on mattresses but very few towns recycle them. Sort of like the plastic bag ban…it makes you feel good, but is just fodder for the General Fund.
    Mario, next door in NY, if going to try to get a statewide ban on plastic bags. Good for him. Makes more sense that town-by-town.

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