Heating oil dealers sue DEEP, PURA

HARTFORD, Conn. – A trade association for more than 600 heating oil dealers filed a lawsuit against the state Friday, alleging it violated environmental laws when it approved a 900-mile expansion of natural gas lines without an environmental study.

The lawsuit filed by the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association against the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority accuses the state of failing to do an Environmental Impact Evaluation before approving the expansion project.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection called the lawsuit “groundless and based on inaccurate information.” There was never anything in the regulations that required an environmental study.

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3 responses to “Heating oil dealers sue DEEP, PURA”

  1. John Frank sr

    Nothing new about utilities getting permits without environmental impact studies. When the cables to Long Island were replaced they posted a performance bond guaranteeing restoration of bottom contour to before trenching grades for all 10 trenches. Last I knew the restoration was never done. I wonder if the City ever called the 1.5 million dollar bond.

  2. Mike Mushak

    We converted to gas from oil 2 years ago and are saving thousands every year. Even if oil goes down in price as it is predicted to do this winter, it burns dirtier and I have a soot covered deck (requiring constant cleaning) in South Norwalk to prove it, resulting from the hundreds of old inefficient oil burners pumping out black smoke out that I can see from my high vantage point. All I have coming out of my gas furnace is harmless steam. Heating oil is old technology and will be obsolete eventually, and this lawsuit sounds like a dying gasp of an industry that is fading away as times change.

  3. David Chu

    It seems Mike that you miss the point of the lawsuit – it’s an environmental lawsuit designed to compel the state to adhere to the Connecticut Environmental Protection Act. The state is in bed with the utilities to build 900 miles of new gas lines, and no environmental impact study was ever made. And guess what – the utilities pored tens of thousands of dollars into Malloy’s and the Democrats’ campaign coffers. If gas is so clean then what is the state afraid so afraid of and why refuse to do an environmental study? The answer is that the utilities are afraid of such a study.

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