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Dear readers,

We hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer. The weather has been outstanding – not too hot, not too wet, not too cool.

We also hope you enjoyed and found helpful our election coverage. Elections – the choice of who is to lead our city, who is to represent us in Hartford, what issues are most important to us – are why we exist. The ability for citizens to choose their leaders, to choose the direction their government will take, is fundamental to our way of life, as is a free and independent media that keeps you informed in a way to help you make those choices.

If you find NancyOnNorwalk.com helpful, informative and a plus for Norwalk, we ask that you consider making a donation to keep the site alive and able to continue informing you about your government’s actions, its people and how they are conducting themselves in your name and on your nickel.

This site is run by professional journalists working fulltime – and then some – with only the income from your donations and the occasional advertisement. And while you have many sources for world, national and state news, local news is hard to come by – especially government news that digs deeper than what they decided at the meeting last night. That news is hard to find because it takes time and money to produce.

So, especially if you have not attended one of our recent fundraisers or if you have not recently done so, please consider clicking on our “donate” button and making a donation today, or sending a check to Nancy On Norwalk, P.O. Box 64, Norwalk, CT 06856. The money will go toward paying the bills to keep the lights on, the car running and the information flowing.

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