Help us to the finish line!

With your help NancyOnNorwalk will cross the finish line.

Last month we started on an aggressive fundraising campaign.  Our target: $25,000, which will be doubled by NewsMatch, a consortium of national foundations that support local journalism.

It’s an ambitious goal. And we can get there  –  but only with your help.

As of today, we have raised nearly $13,000 – we’re more than halfway there. The finish line is in sight.

Nancy Chapman works incredibly hard on your behalf.  She often covers more than one meeting on the same evening. And she’s often the only reporter in the room.  If you value local journalism (and we know you do) – please join your fellow citizens in support of NancyOnNorwalk.

Whether you can give $10, $100, or $1,000 – every dollar goes toward supporting our mission “to inform and engage Norwalkers with watchdog journalism and a digital town square.”  This is really important, especially in a time when misinformation is rampant and attacks on the press are common.

If you’ve already given, we thank you – and urge you to share this message with others. If you haven’t given yet, but you visit this site often, please consider how much you benefit.  If it goes away, we all lose.

We have until December 31 – less than two weeks – to reach our goal.  Please donate today!



Claire Schoen

Board of Directors





5 responses to “Help us to the finish line!”

  1. Piberman

    Look at the competition. The Hour owned by Hearst offers national news with limited coverage of Nowalk and claims 15,000 subscribers at $70 for a million dollar budget. The CTMirror supported by wealthy donors has a million dollar budget with a staff of 10 and just a 2,000+ circulation.

    Nancy’s runs on mere fumes. What more is there to say !

    1. Bob Welsh

      @Peter Berman

      Yes Nancy delivers amazing value.

      Through our elected officials, Norwalk taxpayers spend $300 million a year on city services. Support for NoN is a vote for accountability and transparency on that spending.

      A friend recently told me of a study which found that borrowing rates for municipalities go up when journalism withers, because lenders see the risk of loss as higher.

      NoN also provides a virtual town square where we may (respectfully) discuss our common good.

      Special thanks to everyone who has already donated!

      If you haven’t donated yet, your support is vital to continuing your online news site and digital town square. Every donor is important. Every donation matters.

      Please give yourself the gift of more journalism in 2019.

      Donate now!


  2. Claire Schoen

    When you consider how much Nancy reports on – and how important it is for us to know what’s going on in our city, your donation is but a small investment in keeping our officials accountable.
    We can do this! But we’re at that point in the race where we need to reach to our inner strength to go the last mile. Please share on social media, tell your friends and family – whatever you can do. Every dollar up to $1000 of every donation will be MATCHED. Thanks, everyone, for your ongoing support.


  3. Steve Mann

    Bob, you hit on a couple of significant points:

    $300M is a lot of money, and who “hires” anyone to manage that without oversight, and,

    No one provides the oversight that Nancy does.

    I’ve only been with the board for a short while but what I’ve realized is that the more I get to know Nancy, the more I appreciate her profound passion for getting to the truth.

    Commenters, subscribers, lurkers, etc, please help us keep the ball rolling with a donation today.

  4. Debora Goldstein

    Thanks, NON, for your feedback.

    Happy solstice and happy holidays.


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