High taxes, negative migration, and a study in cause and effect

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No one likes being second best, and Connecticut Democrats seem intent on ensuring that we become the number one highest taxed state in the country.

Our friends in Hartford have yet to meet a tax they don’t like. This year alone they’ve proposed new tolls, property tax increases, state car taxes, taxes on heating oil and energy, more payroll taxes, expanded sales taxes, sin taxes – even taxes on cats. I’m surprised that goldfish and hamsters escaped assessment. Democrats are sympathetic to criminals, however, proposing to make prison phone calls free at a cost of $7 million. Perhaps hamsters can make up the difference.

The Democrat majority knows only one question: How do we get more revenue? When a consumer maxes out his credit cards, no one ever asks “Why don’t you make more money?” We ask why he spent so much money he didn’t have. No such logic has appeared in Hartford, sadly, and so state expenses continue to skyrocket and resulting tax proposals become ever more creative.

The effect of increasing taxes is negative migration, and Democrats seem to want to be number one there, too. But bring that up in Hartford and you’re likely to get an intellectual chicken and egg debate, as though negative migration may be a spontaneous occurrence. Let that roll around in your head for a moment. It’s okay to laugh. How do we convince people who want to leave Connecticut that they should stay? “I know,” say Connecticut Dems. “Let’s tax them more!”

Democrat legislators surely think of themselves as Robin Hoods, but they are in fact unwitting Sheriffs of Nottingham. And like the Nottingham subjects of lore, Connecticut residents don’t care which is chicken and which is egg – they simply care that they can no longer afford much chicken or eggs.


Irina Comer


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  1. Sue Haynie


    This can be said of Norwalk too. Our small 85,000 town has a full-time Mayor, a full-time Assistant to the Mayor (making as much as the Mayor) and a Communications Director…really?! So easy to spend other people’s money.

    And here’s what a Norwalk business says about Norwalk and Connecticut:

    “But the owner of Norwalk-based OperationsInc told Hearst Connecticut Media the Connecticut General Assembly’s work this past winter and spring contributed to “cementing Connecticut’s place as a place you don’t want to do business” in his words, with smaller and mid-size companies making up the large part of his firm’s clientele for human resources consulting and training services.” “This legislature is filled with newly elected members who are not business owners themselves, and who are not spending the time to engage the business owners in their communities to ensure their vote is considerate of the impact on business,” Lewis said. “My business … will be growing substantially in the coming years as a direct result of the bills just passed. We would happily pass up growth of this nature in exchange for a state that demonstrates an awareness of the needs of business and the impact these laws are having on them.”


  2. AL

    The owner of Operations Inc. strikes me as an angry person.I would suggest that he go do what he does in Texas or California or Florida instead of moving from Stamford to Norwalk,to get happy.
    Do I agree with Irina? Absolutely!! Connecticut is swirling down the drain,faster than ever. Those who can,leave. The rest of us suffer from our failed state and local governments.
    The press that Scott Pelley’s house in Darien received is a fun example of how towns and cities spin the sad reality of life in Connecticut.
    New listing? Hardly…it has been on the market for a few years. He overpaid for it from another CBS employee and gets to suffer the losses that we all get to enjoy, thanks to eight years of Malloy and his predecessors, and an inept/corrupt/single-party legislature.
    Check the New Canaan and Greenwich and Ridgefield markets…a sea of red. Look across the border to Westchester and see what taxes and mismanagement can do to values.
    I will have no regrets when I head out of state,other than the time and opportunities wasted.

  3. Piberman

    By and large CT voters support CT Democratic leadership. And will do so for the foreseeable future. Ever higher taxes, growing Exodus, decade long stagnant economy/employment and our youngsters leaving the State for better futures elsewhere aren’t sufficient to demand change. And truth be told Rep. Gov. Weicker with his income tax unleashed the spigot of State spending. Followed by Rep. Gov. Rowland’s “deal of the century” with our public Unions.

    CT had a formidable history as one of the nation’s premier mfg. States, the Arsenal of Democracy in WWII, and Sen. Joe Lieberman. But it still has the great Yale Univ./Med School complex, 3 formidable defense firms and some of the nicest small river towns in the nation hidden away in the hills.

    Knowledge is power. Best. I can judge every recognized financial/economic progressional sees further decades of stagnantion for this lovely State. Demonstrating that ultimately citizens get the governance they deserve. That’s true in Norwalk as it is in Bridgeport. As long as Norwalk voters don’t mind paying 30% higher per capita for City services than Danbury for same services the future is “more of the same”. We’re the County’s most transient community. Few of us retire here. Enjoy the glorious weather.

  4. Rusty Guardrail

    You want to escape from the yoke of incompetent irresponsible politicians who ignore their constituents while spending most of their time angling for financial campaign support? Then you’ll need to leave the U.S.A.

    Sure our state government is a disaster. But there’s no reason to assume that a Republican majority would fix any of it. Moreover,if population loss causes CT to lose a House seat in DC while Republicans control Hartford, the revised district maps will cause CT’s House seats to be occupied by Republicans who will vote for reduced social programs, further deregulation of corporations, reduced environmental protection, rollback of civil rights legislation, and increased advantages for the super-wealthy.

    The so-called CT exodus? Mostly bourgeois wannabes who were in over their heads as soon as they got here, now forced to head for the hills.

    Comparing Norwalk to Danbury? Apples vs oranges. Norwalk is a coastal NYC suburb. Danbury is an isolated backwater, an outpost in the middle of nowhere.

    You’re going to leave your home because you think other places are run better? Then get on with it! The Carolinas await!

  5. Ron Morris


    ” Rep. Gov. Rowland’s “deal of the century” with our public Unions.”

    This is the one time that I actually agree with Piberman that the mess CT is in is because of the twice convicted felon Republican Rowland. It seems we will be paying the twice convicted felon Republican Rowland’s actions for many more years to come. Yet another reason to never vote Republican.

  6. Bryan Meek

    Listen to Ron Morriss. Rowland, who hasn’t been governor for 14 years is why Duff continues to sell Norwalk out for his shiny title.

  7. AL

    Duff is to Connecticut what Jim Jones was to The people Temple.

    “Fighting the narrative that Connecticut drives business out, Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, listed companies that have moved to Connecticut since 2000 including Cigna, Charter Communications, NBC Sports, Infosys, HomeServe USA and Ideanomics and Sen. Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, noted that Connecticut will continue to support a manufacturing training pipeline through the state budget.”

    Duff and the many like him in Hartford are the problem not the solution.

  8. Piberman

    When GE left CT our elected leaders were not too impressed. Now that UTC is leaving they’re still not too impressed. But the regional and national business communities are surely impressed with how Democrats have ruled CT. As are our citizens. Bloomsburg recently detailed that CT is the nation’s leader in exiting citizens. After a decade of stagnant economy/employment its a good bet there’s more stagnation to occur for many more years. No State has ever rebounded with the policy of “spend and tax”.
    So we have some history as well as freshman economics on our side.

    To my good friend Ron Morris. Gov Rowland was no “prize”. But the real “villain” was former Gov. Lowell Weicker whose “income tax” opened up a spending spigot that’s run amuck. And BTW former CT Rep.
    Alex Knopp of Norwalk cast the deciding vote in favor of the income tax. So Norwalk had a “historical note” here. Truth is both Dems and GOP have severely mismanaged CT for decades.

    That’s also true of Norwalk. But no one wants to talk about that. We just vote with our boots. It’s called the “CT disease.” With both GE and UTC exiting everyone everywhere understands how CT is being managed by its Democrats. Our public Unions are not complaining. And that’s comforting. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west CT will remain a failing State for many more years. And our children will not return here to live. CT is floundering. A sad outcome to a once admired State. So hats off to our elected officials. Our new State motto is “We are leaving”.

  9. Niz

    Why do people always look to take away from the down trodden when money management is the issue? Its bias, and telling of their character.

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