Hillary Clinton speaking fee raises questions about UConn Foundation transparency

STORRS, Conn. – Last week, the Washington Post reported that former Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton was paid more than $251,250 to speak to 2,300 students at the University of Connecticut this past April. The news has at least two gubernatorial candidates crying foul, while Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the foundation defended the decision.

At an unrelated event Monday, Malloy said it’s his understanding that the money was given to the University of Connecticut Foundation with the express purpose of paying Clinton’s speaking fee.

“They were private dollars and that’s how they got spent,” Malloy said.

The University of Connecticut Foundation’s President Josh Newton said the money for Clinton’s visit came from the Edmund Fusco Family of New Haven. The family set up a special fund with the foundation to cover costs associated with its speaker series.

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  1. One and Done.

    This is how they skirt federal election laws. This is nothing more than laundering money for her run for President. Sure tuition is going up 6.5% next year, but surely the plebes can afford to pay more for her royal highness’s entitlement.

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