Himes deserves reelection as U.S. Representative

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(Keith Rodgerson is the Democratic candidate for state representative in the 143rd District.)

To the Editor:

Jim Himes has been a thoughtful, articulate and effective advocate for Wilton and our district at a time when the U.S. House of Representatives is rife with partisan dysfunction. Jim has rightfully earned a place alongside his great independent and moderate predecessors of Christopher Shays, Stewart McKinney and Lowell Weicker. He secured the funds needed to re-open our station house and is tackling decades-deferred railroad maintenance ignored by both parties. He has raised the discourse regarding transportation here in Fairfield County by condemning partisan “squabbling” that has stunted progress.

We can trust that he will not cave in to gun lobby extremists. He is challenging insurance companies along with our senior House Rep. Rosa DeLauro to get women the health care screening they need and deserve. He’ll continue to curb the influence of the Koch brothers and their corporate far right agenda with measured policies and a steady hand. He has represented Main Street, Wall Street, and all of our streets in-between well.

He deserves our full support this November 4th.

Keith Rodgerson



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