Hispanic community urged to be more politically engaged

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To the Editor:

We, members of the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus (CHDC) residing in Norwalk, would like to thank the Caucus and Secretary of State, Denise Merril,l for their commitment and investment in Norwalk’s Hispanic Community.

On Election Day, we were able to target half the Hispanic electorate for a Get Out the Vote effort. With the growing population in Norwalk, we appreciate investments into our community to help Hispanics fulfill their civic duty.

It is important to continue to educate why Hispanic participation in elections are critical. We would like more Latinos to engage in the political process as it is important to do so now more than ever. Elected leaders in Norwalk need to build a better relationship with our community so Latinos know who their elected officials are. We must understand the political process and if Latinos continue to stay home or do not register to vote, elected leaders in both parties will continue to disregard our interests and will play politics with our families and children.

Amigos, vote, participate, get involved, and know who the elected leaders are and where they stand on Latino issues.

With the 2015 Municipal elections being a topic of discussion one day after the gubernatorial race, enjoy La Familia during this holiday season, but know that we are looking for Latino candidates and more representation. Our work begins again right after the New Year to recruit Latinos in running for office, registering them to vote and getting them to the polls for the 2015 elections. We hope to see more engagement by candidates, elected officials and our growing electorate.


Warren A. Peña

Edwin Camacho

Eloisa Melendez

Former Councilman Warren A. Peña  is chairman of the board of SoNoCC, Edwin Camacho is chairman of the Norwlk Democratic Town Committee and a BET member, and Eloisa Melendez is a member of the Comon Council (D-District A).


2 responses to “Hispanic community urged to be more politically engaged”

  1. Guardrail

    Latino community, Latino interests, Latino issues…Baloney. Start by being willing to learn to speak English and become a part of the American community.

  2. Ms Ruby McPherson

    Its sad that everyone who tries to open a business, can’t but the hispanic, latino population get it all. Is that why South Norwalk look the way it does with so many restaurant and variety stores.

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