House Republican chief of staff resigns amid federal investigation

By Christine Stuart and Hugh McQuaid

CT News Junkie

HARTFORD, Conn. – House Republican Chief of Staff George Gallo resigned after concluding that he is a person of interest in a federal investigation of the caucus’ campaign vendor mailings, which has seen subpoenas served at Republican offices in the Legislative Office Building.

House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero (R-Norwalk) issued a written statement on the investigation and Gallo’s resignation Thursday afternoon a day after many GOP lawmakers were questioned by FBI agents.

“Yesterday the FBI came to the LOB to interview various members of our caucus relating to an inquiry into campaign vendor mailings,” Cafero said. “Our caucus is cooperating fully with the federal inquiry into House Republican activities.”

Cafero said Gallo resigned Thursday after offering his opinion that he is a person of interest in the feds’ investigation.

“As such, he indicated that he did not want to cause unwarranted distractions to the caucus that would take away from their legislative duties. For that reason, and for personal family considerations, he tendered his resignation and it was accepted, effective at midnight tonight,” Cafero said. “George has served as House Republican caucus honorably and with the highest level of professional standards since 2007. He will be missed.”

Gallo did not return calls for comment. Thomas Carson, spokesman for Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney Deidre Daly, declined comment Thursday on the investigation.

Cafero said FBI agents asked that lawmakers “refrain from divulging the details to the investigation to the public and press” to the extent that they were aware of them. And lawmakers were hesitant to talk about it Thursday.

“They talked to a lot of people. So we’ll see,” Rep. Gail Lavielle, R-Wilton, said.

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9 responses to “House Republican chief of staff resigns amid federal investigation”

  1. piberman

    Connecticut is infamous for sending Mayors, some legislators and a Governor “up the river”. Are we making “new ground” here in Corrupticut ? Lets hope not. If we can’t have faith in our political parties then …….

  2. the donut hole

    I knew it. They beat you down for $50 and then mail you $100 worth of more letters asking for more money. They are part of the blame for why we have one party rule.

  3. deepthroat


    over 90 grand of taxpayer money to:
    Flashpoint Consulting in Fairfield registered to a UPS store and owned by David M. Becker

  4. John Levin

    Deepthroat: excellent find. According to one site: Flashpoint Consulting was formed on 10/12/12. The payment by Jack Chiaramonte For Senate was made on 10/24/12. Who is David Becker? Wouldn’t you like to add to your post so readers can know what the investigation is all about?

  5. Aberdean Nevermind

    Nothing new here in CT

  6. Notaffiliated

    I didn’t know CT had any Republicans

  7. anon

    While they’re here, the Feds should probably do a Federal investigation of the Democrats too, save them the time of having to make a return trip.

  8. Oldtimer

    Professionally, David spent the better part of the past decade as an executive at a Connecticut-based shipping logistics firm. For the past several years, he held various management roles, including information technology, operations, and client services, with a wide-range of responsibilities including budgeting, developing new business, as well as hiring and developing personnel. In addition, David is a founding member of a family-owned real estate investment, management, development, and property servicing firm based in Fairfield. He is on the RTM in Fairfield, and on the Board of Finance.

  9. deepthroat

    Is Flashpoint Consulting still in business? Campaign checks were signed by Zoning Chairman Emily Wilson. Were there itemized invoices in 2 weeks to total 90 grand of payments? Did Jack Chiaramonte spend the following summer in Martha’s Vineyard? Did Gail Lavielle’s campaign hire Gallo? Did Art Scialaba act as a consultant?

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