I don’t remember

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I don’t remember the faces of the children who died in Uvalde, Texas.

I don’t remember the names of the family members who died in Buffalo, N.Y.

I don’t remember the exact number of school shootings in 2022.

I don’t remember the hopefulness I had 10 years ago after Newtown, 40 minutes

away, that the bloodshed would end in schools.


I don’t remember the exact number of guns in this country.

I don’t remember how much money members of Congress receive from the NRA.

I don’t remember when I lost hope that anything would change regarding our leadership.

I don’t remember who made the innocuous rule for buying sinus pain medication at a pharmacy. Yet, crazy young men can purchase weapons of mass destruction without background checks.


I don’t remember why our country chooses guns over children.

I don’t remember any country outside the USA admiring our gun safety laws.

I don’t remember our country being in such chaos 30 years ago when hearing

of a school massacre was out of the ordinary. Now it’s an everyday occurrence.


As the poet Mary Oliver eloquently wrote, will we make it through this wild

and astonishing life? Or will we be shot? Shot inside a grocery store, church, or school.

I don’t remember feeling so unAmerican while living in America with July 4th

approaching and patriotic flags dancing in the breeze. What are we celebrating?


I don’t remember.

Brenda Jacobsen


Audrey Cozzarin June 14, 2022 at 11:30 am


Beautifully said. In Germany, “remembrance” of the Holocaust is taught in public schools so that the people will never forget.

I hope readers understand that we are fed distraction after distraction by the mainstream media whose owners (and influencers) to help us forget one tragedy after the next. “Violence sells.”

Remembering is sometimes painful, but necessary when the stakes are so high as they are now.

Norwalk Republican June 14, 2022 at 12:44 pm

Where is the sadness for Bridgeport CT? Why are you so concerned with things happening in other parts of the world?

“The Bridgeport CT murder/homicide rate for 2017 was 14.37 per 100,000 population, a 112.89% increase from 2016.”

Bridgeport CT is one of the most dangerous areas IN THE COUNTRY and our capital Hartford CT isnt much better.

Why are the politicians doing nothing about problems here in CT… but care so much about stuff happening elsewhere?

mary verel June 14, 2022 at 1:33 pm


So eloquent, so poignant, so true!
Thank you putting into words what so many of us of feel in our hearts. 💕
Thoughts, prayers, action!

Michael McGuire June 14, 2022 at 2:40 pm

I remember a time when our mainstream media was respected because they gave us the facts and let us decide.

I remember a time when the plumber and the stock broker lived in the same neighborhood, on the same street.

I remember a time when Sundays were for family, worship and community.

I remember a time when our schools taught reading, writing, arithmetic, critical thinking and encouraged excellence at all levels.

I remember a time when our elected leader’s actual took their oath of office seriously, and were public servants.

I remember a time when our government did not saddle the poor with a welfare system that destroyed the family structure.

I remember a time when our boarders were protected.

I remember a time when most of us applied the Golden Rule in our everyday lives.

I remember a time when we had limited gun laws.

I remember those times, back when we did not have mass shootings.

The problem is not guns. It’s people. It’s you and me. We let all the above slide; we are responsible. Taking away our constitutionally given rights will not solve this problem. Personally, I don’t want to every say ‘I remember when I could own a gun’.

Justataxpayer June 14, 2022 at 7:08 pm

First of all, I am NOT a gun owner.

These mass shootings are really so tragic and with so many soft targets in an open society, we will no doubt see more. By some estimates, there are close to 400mm guns in the US.

In 2020, over 45,000 were killed in the US. 43% were killed by a gun. I never knew that 54% were suicides. Very sad. In that same year, there were 455 people killed by some form of rifle (including AR-15) and 662 were killed by someone’s “personal weapon” — fists, feet etc. Makes my skin crawl.

Did you know that the CDC reported that in 2019, 625,346 legal abortions were performed.

I almost remember leaving my shoes on at the airport and then, loafer sales took off. I can barely remember $3.00 a gallon gasoline let alone $0.99. I almost remember going through GCT and not seeing armed military. So, adjustments are made.

Time to get police off ditch digging projects and have a presence at every school, then I can say, I almost don’t remember….

Angela Carey June 15, 2022 at 2:38 pm

“I don’t remember” was so poignant, an excellent piece Brenda!
I can’t wrap my head around the many horrors, involving guns, that we experience in this country!
We supposedly have the best system of government but yet, we cant stop these horrors from happening over and over because some people are more concerned about being able to have guns than saving people from gun violence. When will the leaders of our country and people who are not in favor of gun control wake up that they are partly responsible for the carnage that we are seeing way too often!!

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