If Bob Duff channeled Dr. Seuss

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It’s not as though we haven’t said

The state is really in the red.

For greater taxes we have pled,

But all the companies have fled.


So what if hedge fund exits max,

Or from the state Aetna retracts?

I know we gave GE the ax,

But do not fear, we have new tax!


You cannot pay the newest tax?

Your paycheck is already maxed?

Relax, I say, go on, relax!

Do not bother me with facts.


We should not tax a higher rate?

Do you not love your growing state?

I don’t see why you can’t relate.

The union greed does not abate!


Why do you think we need to toll?

They do not win at any poll,

But we are really on a roll,

And this tax won’t spare a soul!


It even taxes those who leave

To other states to seek reprieve.

There is no time to go bereave;

We still have money left to cleave!


Wait – you think tax cuts help begin

To put us on a path to win?

I can’t abide them, now or then;

Reducing tax would be a sin!


How else do you think we pay

To bus your kids so far away

That we could close great schools and say

How everyone’s the same – hooray!


So try my taxes in your car.

Or try my taxes in a bar.

Perhaps if it’s not too bizarre,

You’ll even pay them from afar.


If paying tax is not for you,

Then join me in accusing Blue

Of doing things to me and you

That they of course would never do.


Oh no – is that a cam’ra there

That followed me ‘round everywhere?

If I’d known before I said “spit”,

I’d not now be so deep in it!


If you are a fed-up Norwalk resident, I would urge you to reply:

Enough, I say, enough’s enough!

We simply cannot have more Duff!


Irina Comer

Former Norwalk resident


5 responses to “If Bob Duff channeled Dr. Seuss”

  1. John O’Neill


  2. David Osler

    This is gold

  3. Ex-norwalker

    Excellent and so true!

  4. Mimi Chang


  5. Ct. V

    As a Democrat, this was somewhat misleading but at least it was amusing. 🙂

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