Ignore your teeth and they will go away


“Ignore your teeth and they will go away.” For whatever reason this billboard ad for a dentist, spotted on I-95 years ago, has stuck with me.

During our current year-end fundraising efforts, I think of it often, though in slightly different context: “Ignore your local news source and it will go away.”

Thanks to all of you, we are growing. But we cannot continue without our readers’ support.

As journalism continues its search for a viable business model, local news outlets have suffered. Some have morphed into reader-supported non-profits, others sold off to larger corporations or hedge funds, and many have simply folded. Since 2005, 1 in 5 papers in the US has closed.

Six years ago, NancyOnNorwalk opted for the non-profit model. Two years later, after the sudden and unexpected death of co-founder Mark Chapman, Nancy Chapman made the courageous decision to continue without him.

She persisted, and here we are: the only truly hyperlocal news outlet in Norwalk, with a supportive board of directors, freelance reporters and editors, an ad director (yes, advertising does contribute a portion of our revenue) and a videographer.

We are your eyes and ears at the important local meetings: Common Council, Zoning, Board of Education, Harbor Commission We’ll be there, reporting back on what was said and done, often with additional video coverage. Our mission is to keep you informed of the local decisions that impact your life in Norwalk.

While we deliver the news to you for free – no paywall here – it is not free to produce.

If you are a regular reader, consider becoming one of our “Sustainers” by signing up for monthly, recurring tax-deductible donations. You choose the amount; we’ll take care of the rest.

Whether you can give $5 or $5,000, all donations will be matched until the end of the year, and all are tax-deductible. Your year-end donation will ensure that we can continue our work into 2021, delivering you the hyperlocal news you’ve come to rely on.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

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