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Part of the spectacular view out my Norwalk Hospital window, which I didn’t get to enjoy much. The construction is Pinnacle, the last of the Waypointe mixed-use project, on West Avenue. You can barely see the opening for the interior courtyard.
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You may have noticed I’m MIA, my byline hasn’t appeared on any stories published here for several weeks. I have been diagnosed with colon cancer, as the NoN board announced Feb. 6. I’ve been on leave for treatment since then.  

I’m proud of the work Kelly Prinz, Harold Cobin, Paul Lanning and consulting editor Nancy Shulins have done in my absence, but I’m told readers miss my voice.

Cancer? Rather shocking, as I had a colonoscopy in mid-July which came back “clean.” But as weeks went by I developed anemia, which drained me badly. Eventually, a second colonoscopy was done and a CAT Scan.

The images were pretty damn scary, but doctors expressed confidence that we can beat this thanks to new treatments. My cancer is missing a protein and therefore Keytruda is effective immunotherapy.

But I went downhill. How could stage 4 colon cancer get worse? By inspiring foes: an abdominal infection, and sepsis. 

I had surprise surgery, which revealed the reason behind my sudden painful call to 911, the abdominal infection.

Cancer treatment stopped. I was in Norwalk Hospital for four weeks. Now I’m in rehab.

A friend said it’s like I’m on a medical horror show set to maximum terror.

All that said, I plan to return to NancyOnNorwalk. I don’t know when.  But I’m writing to tell you that I’m not gone forever. It’s going to be weeks. But doctors think I can do it.

I have an army of doctors!

I also have an army of helpers. They bring me gifts and keep me company. My son is very helpful, too.

Nancy Chapman

Co-Editor, founder, reporter


p.s. Thanks to all of you who continue to read and support this 11-year-old nonpartisan, nonprofit source of news and information in the public interest for a city that deserves and needs it. We will continue to grow with your help.


14 responses to “I’m still here”

  1. Alex Knopp

    Keep up the good fight Nancy and we look forward to your return! Alex

    1. Tysen Canevari

      Nancy, We are all thinking of you as you fight on. Please know that we are all in your corner and hoping for a speedy recovery. Positive thoughts will get you through the worst. Look forward to seeing you back at the helm real soon!

      We are here for you! Tysen

    2. Kenneth Werner

      Nancy, your creation has made Norwalk a better city. When city officials say they think carefully about what they say because they know Nancy is watching, you’ve won!

  2. Alma Lyons

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We are standing with you and believe you will be back. Today is April Fool’s day and you really got me last year. I had everyone thinking the SoNo Collection mall was sold to NCC not realizing it was a joke. The “N” in the Nordstrom’s sign was going to become NCC. That was a good one. We miss you and a thankful for those who stepped up.

    God’s speed!

  3. Josh Goldstein

    I hope you have a speedy and full recovery, Nancy. We’re all pulling for you!

  4. Richard Dellinger

    Thanks so much for the update…so sorry it has been so difficult. Wishing you all the very best for a speedy and full recovery…as your work is greatly missed.

  5. Priscilla Feral

    You always have a story to tell, Nancy, and yours today is the most awakening. If affection is contagious, I trust you’ll catch the swell of warm wishes your readers hold for you. I don’t know how to respond to a distressful event without wanting to cook for someone. If your food in rehab is less than wonderful, please do e-mail me to suggest what you’d like to eat — from soup to cookies. We’d love to bring lunch or dinner that’s an improvement over what I remember when I faced when I had surgery.
    Moreover, for some readers, a donation to NoN or advertising sup9ort bolsters diligent writers and this remarkable publication. Carry on, Nancy. We love hearing from you.

  6. Jay Parisi

    I so wish this was an April Fools, but sadly I don’t think it is.

    Our thoughts are with you Nancy.

  7. Jane Lassner

    Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear this. Your publication is perfect for what we in Norwalk need! I wish you a speedy recovery and good health for decades to come. I am shaking my head over the fact that you had a clean colonoscopy in July and now have Stage 4 colon cancer. Scary.

  8. Anthony Pavia

    Best wishes for a quick recovery – if anyone is up to the fight, it’s you. Your writing is missed!

  9. Bob Schumann

    Thank you for letting us know where things are at with you. I think about you almost everyday. I just last week asked Priscilla if she had heard from you or anyone else as to how you were doing. I look forward to your complete recovery and getting back to your passion. In your absence, your staff has done an incredible job maintaining the quality reporting NoN is known for.
    You must be very proud of them.

    Hang in there and be inspired to keep on fighting by the fact that you are loved and relied on by so many people you’ve never even met, who are looking forward to your total recovery.

  10. Cris Bowers

    Very sorry to hear what you’re going through. It sounds like the kind of thing you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, let alone someone who’s worked so hard to preserve and improve local news coverage as you have. Rehab can work wonders. I don’t know you personally, but you’ll be in my thoughts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  11. John O’Neill

    Hey Nancy: When you’re feeling a little down, look in the mirror and think “Awesome”…Repeat as necessary.
    One step at a time/One breath at a time. Let’s kick ass together ! Keep us in the loop.

  12. Steven A Adelman

    Nancy, you’ve made such a positive difference in our community. Everyone is pulling for you! Steve and Sally Adelman

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