Island Belle gets OK to set up shop in Rye, N.Y.

The Island Belle has been approved by Westchester County, N.Y., to operate for the next six months from Playland Pier in Rye.

NORWALK, Conn. – The Westchester County (N.Y.) Board of Acquisition and Contract on Thursday approved a county Parks, Recreation and Conservation request to bring the Island Belle to the Playland Pier in Rye, N.Y.

The deal, which was originally scheduled for a vote May 29, gives Sound Charter Group LLC the right to use “the pier, dock, ramp and moorings located off the Playland Pier for the term commencing June 1, 2014 and terminating January 2, 2015.” A copy of the approved request is attached at the end of this article.

The approved deal calls for Sound Charter to pay Westchester County $2,000 a month for the right to home port at Playland, plus $1.50 per passenger boarded there.

The request for the county’s approval was submitted by the Westchester Parks and Recreation director on May 5.

The Island Belle is currently docked in the Norwalk upper harbor area at O&G Industries. Sound Charter had scheduled use of the Norwalk Visitors Dock for Friday and Saturday, June 6 and 7, but those uses have been cancelled, according to Recreation and Parks Director Mike Mocciae.

Sound Charter-Westchester agreement


15 responses to “Island Belle gets OK to set up shop in Rye, N.Y.”

  1. Benthere Donethat

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Definitely a WIN-WIN for Westchester County and SCG.
    I love you Island Belle !! See you soon.

  2. Oldtimer

    We can only hope Hart understands the Coast Guard will still want to see certification of the required inspections before he can carry passengers. If the City of Norwalk gets a judgment, it can be executed in another State.

  3. Oldtimer there is more?

    Kind of sad….almost like they are betraying another municipality and harboring someone who disregards USCG, City of Norwalk, ARMY Core of Engineers, Harbormasters….Im sure there is more I am forgetting.

    Didn’t he change his name to hide a raid or who knows what? Someone who ran away from paying his bills and ruined a whole city dock due to carelessness.

  4. Taxpayer Fatigue

    Thank goodness we got rid of another pesky small business out of Norwalk!

  5. piberman

    Important news that “Island Belle”. Front page, too.

  6. Just curious

    Shame on them if they didn’t do their homework but this is reason for the taxpayers of norwalk to celebrate! Maybe we can get a conga line going to Scandal ‘ s song GOOD BYE TO YOU!!

  7. River Rat

    This comment was deleted for violating our policy.

  8. Peter Parker

    Good bye to bad rubbish!

  9. John C. Romano

    Norwalk’s loss (loss of revenue) will be Rye’s gain. Taxpayers should be up in arms for once again small minded people chasing a viable business from our shore’s (pun intended). Hopefully The Is. Belle will book some events from Norwalk. We have a great Harbor, Vets park has the parking and can also use the revenue.
    Gone are the issues up River with Devine Bros getting barges in. Gone are the issues with perminate berthing, concerned citizens can now sleep well knowing that Norwalk is closed for business and when the resources for the little extras we all expect from R & Parks is not there they can take pride in knowing that they did their part.

  10. Just curious

    If parks and recreation is so concerned with generating revenue why don’t they implement a parking fee for all the out of town cars trampling over Taylor farms. Judging by the volume of cars parked there on weekends it should.be the cash cow moccaie is looking for. Greenwich and other towns charge parking and entrance fees might be why they are invading norwalk ‘ s beaches

  11. Don’t Panic

    Wanting to do business here isn’t good enough. Revenue does the city no good if the business fails to comply with regulations. It does us even less good if that non-compliant business does damage to city resources, interferes with other businesses and engages or citizens. Other businesses should applaud Norwalk for keeping the playing field level.
    When are we going to stop making our decisions around proposals that come to us and instead design the city we want to see and recruit the companies that will help us succeed?

  12. Don’t Panic

    *endangers our citizens

  13. Oldtimer

    ISLAND BELLE has left Norwalk but plans to return for 4th of July. Capt. Hart thinks “certain people” are opposed to his business being in Norwalk. He has that wrong. The idea of a party boat cruising out of Norwalk, similar to the LADY JOAN, years ago, is a great idea and could do a thriving business. The folks Capt. Hart thinks are opposed to his business are opposed to docking a vessel that size at a City Dock built for much smaller vessels and essentially subsidizing his private commercial business at a City Park. If he located his business at a private dock with enough parking, most of the loudest objectors would be looking for excuses to party on his vessel.

  14. Oldtimer

    Who is the councilman busy spreading false stories about certain City commissioners, and the Island Belle ?

  15. Saltlife

    Where does everyone get the idea that this boat is run illegally without being inspected by the coast guard? You people act as if the boat was run hard aground into rocks. The boat was sitting on sand at low tide. Big deal. Do half of you people have the slightest idea about boats at all? You can all rest easy knowing the boat is leaving Norwalk. She will only be visiting Norwalk for two hours at a time.

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