It’s Giving Day

Giving Day, just as it sounds, is a 24-hour marathon fundraiser supported by the Fairfield County Community Foundation. We’re proud to be joining in again this year.

You know you can count on NancyOnNorwalk for local news you won’t find elsewhere. In turn, we count on you for donations to keep this ‘digital town square’ running.

Think about the stories you’ve seen here: the recent mayoral election, education budget battles, Wall Street development issues, and so much more.

It’s simple. Without NancyOnNorwalk, so many local stories would go untold.

Today – and only today – we have a match in place. The first $1000 in donations will be matched by the NancyOnNorwalk board of directors.

Please take a moment to support your local news site. Consider joining the growing number of ‘sustainers,’ who make recurring monthly donations to keep us going.

It is, after all – Giving Day! Thank you!

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