It’s Norwalk Restaurant Week

Mayor Harry Rilling.

One of my favorite things about Norwalk is the many, diverse restaurants we have. Our city knows good food. This week is Spring Restaurant Week in Norwalk and I want to encourage residents to enjoy the warmer weather and support our local restaurants.

Nine Norwalk restaurants will have special menus and discounted prices, including B.J. Ryan’s, BanC House BBQ and Crab, Coals, Dry Dock Bar & Grille, New York Bakery 1955, Osteria Romana Norwalk, Romanacci Norwalk, The Spread and Wall Street Tavern.

Our restaurants are open and ready for business. COVID-19 protocols are being followed to keep patrons and staff safe.

Additionally, this week the Small Business Administration also opened applications for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to provide assistance for restaurants, bars and other establishments affected by COVID-19. If you or a business owner you know want more information or want to apply, please find more information here: https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/covid-19-relief-options/restaurant-revitalization-fund

Visit norwalkrestaurantweek.org to learn more about our Spring Restaurant Week. Hope to see you out at a restaurant, or picking up take out, this week. Thank you for your continued support to strengthen our local businesses.

Mayor Harry Rilling


4 responses to “It’s Norwalk Restaurant Week”

  1. George

    I stopped going to all restaurants that the city forces you to pay for parking. The parking enforcement is down to the minute with agents watching the meters.

    I personally watched them roll up to my car on the Haviland Deck one minute before the time was up with the ticket book in hand.

    That was the last time I was the last straw and that was 5 years ago.

  2. David Muccigrosso

    Harry, I’m so glad to see that you care so much about our local restaurants!

    A propos of nothing, when is Il Fornaio going to open? The sign says “Coming in 2019!”, but whenever I call to order a pizza, the operator says the line’s disconnected. Beats the heck out of me!

  3. Tysen Canevari

    Dear Harry,

    Why as tax payers must we pay to patronize a restaurant in our hometown? Paying for a parking spot in Norwalk for residents is ridiculous. You should be happy anyone comes out to visit places like Wall Street. Will you be at a restaurant? Are you required to pay for parking? Maybe you should wait since you wont go to city hall until May 20th.

  4. JustaTaxpayer

    I echo George’s comment. Years ago I treated a former colleague to dinner after he was canned from the company we worked for. A February Tuesday night in Sono. Appetizers, a high end bottle of wine, fancy meal. It was 2 below zero and there were three cars in the aquarium lot. Our meter was over by 5 minutes and there was the ticket on my car.

    Come on man!

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